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updated March 2016

The following tags are from the old system.  Just leaving them here so they can be found.

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Twitter Tutorials

  The 1st Tuesday of the month is a Twitter post.  They are not true tutorials, but stand alone posts which can be read in any order. Click here to see the archives of the Twitter Tutorials. Never Too Old to Learn {twitter tutorial #1} Never Too Old to Learn {twitter tutorial #2} A Collection … Continue reading Twitter Tutorials

LIST-OF-ALL-LISTS {social media}

The LIST-of-ALL-LISTS is a monthly post in the SOCIAL MEDIA category.  The LIST began as a TWITTER DIRECT TWEET CAMPAIGN.  The general purpose was to narrow a group of 1000 followers to a group of 50 mutual supporters.  The campaign would repeat with groups of 500 or so mutual followers. The first 8 LISTs are the first … Continue reading LIST-OF-ALL-LISTS {social media}

2 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA

  1. verawrites says:

    You’re so organized and tech savvy Joyce! The image of the ducks reminds me of an experience I had 3 years ago. Mama duck and 8 babies were lost and ended up at my condo complex. They trudged through flower beds and shrubbery; I could tell Mama was panicked but she kept trudging. I gently approached and began ‘quacking’ in a deep Papa Duck voice. Gradually, slowly, I walked alongside and quackingly led them toward the the river. They scurried in, drawn by the quacking of other ducks further down stream. It was a thrill for me to lovingly rescue this little duck family 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Thank you, Vera! So happy you stopped by and shared your duck rescue story. My ducks were in a courtyard which had (past tense) a small fountain in which the ducks swam. In 2014 Mama duck had two broods of nine ducklings. The first nine were lunch meat for a hawk. She managed to keep a few of the second brood alive until flight time (I think). In 2015 the fountain was removed by the new owner. She returned by habit and only had one duckling left when I moved. The duckling was limited to rain-water puddles, when available, for swimming/bathing/drinking. 🙂 A duck’s life is not easy!


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