Vessels for the Master’s Use

“…vessels of gold and silver…unto honor, sanctified, and fit for the master’s use…”   2Timothy 2:20-21


NOTE: November 29, 2018  The information on this page will be updated in the near future to include the updated three-year schedule and update links. 

Vessels for the Master’s Use is a daily (Mon-Sat)/six days per week post, which runs for two years.  Each post is identified by its number in the total of 612.  For example, the seventh post is {7/300}, and the final post, if I did my math right, is {612/612}.  (Year two begins with 301/612.)

The first post was January 19, 2015.  There are no posts on Sundays.

This daily post has a verse from the daily reading in Psalms on a photograph of God’s creation.  The daily reading from Proverbs is written out, followed by the Bible Reading Schedule for the day, and a hymn from the Inspiring Hymns hymnal (lyrics only).  The number corresponds with the hymn number in the Inspiring Hymns hymnal, compiled by Alfred B. Smith.

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You will find the complete three year chronological Bible Reading Schedule here.

To look for a hymn by title, check the Inspiring Hymns index. (coming in 2016)

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