heart hiding {Scripture Memorization}

2020 Update:  The list of books to memorize was made at the beginning, in 2011.  When I looked to see what’s next for 2020 I hesitated. Do I really want to do another long book?  It’s not as easy as the shorter ones.  Or should I rearrange the order, putting Hebrews last?  In the end I decided to go ahead.

I will be memorizing Hebrews 1-6 in 2020.  I am really excited to see what God has for us in this unique book, which focuses on our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is better than all.

Week 1 starts on January 5, 2020.  The first chapter looks like this, ending the first week of February:

  1. Hebrews 1:1-2
  2. Hebrews 1:3-4
  3. Hebrews 1:5-6
  4. Hebrews 1:7-12
  5. Hebrews 1:13-14

The plan is to post weekly on Sundays.

I memorize the King James version, but I encourage you to memorize whichever version of the Bible your are most familiar with and use most.  Bible Gateway is the site from which I copy my verses for memorizing, since the King James is in the public domain.  They have many versions of the Bible to choose from beside the King James.

Updated list of individual heart hiding posts is at the bottom of this post! 30Dec2019

Update on Scripture Typer – Some time in the past couple of years they changed their name to BibleMemory.com Everything is pretty much the same but the name. I still use it to learn my current verses, and to review past books on a regular basis. I will admit that I have difficulty reviewing the longer book, 2 Corinthians. But the books which are 4-5 chapters (or less) I like to keep current by reviewing weekly or as close to it as possible.

2017-2019 Update:  The last heart hiding {Scripture Memorization} post was June 2016.  Not because I stopped memorizing, but for lack of reader interest. There are no posts for the second half of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. I do have pdfs for the books memorized during those years if any one is interested, just ask.

2017 – James

2018 – 1 Peter

2019 – 2 Peter; 2 John; 3 John

2016 Update:  The passage for 2016 is 2 Corinthians 11-13, continuing from 2015 and 2014.  Numbering of posts will continue in the fashion of 2015, the weeks designated by the year/the week number, hence the first week, scheduled for January 24, 2016, is Post Title {heart hiding 16/1}.

To find pdfs for 2016 please see the 12.20.2015 and 12.27.2015 heart hiding {Scripture Memorization} posts.  For the 2016 Heart Hiding {overview} please see the 1.10.2016 post.  For Heart Hiding {tips & helps}  please see the 1.17.2016 post (reposted from 1.18.2015).

NEW!  There are fewer verses in these three chapters, therefore they are spread out a bit, with much more opportunity for review.  The review weeks come every five weeks, with many review weeks at the end of the year, lest we become discouraged 🙂

Rather than add to the busy-ness of the new year, the Scripture memorization posts begin later in the month.  This gives the memorizer time to review previous verses, catch up, and/or prepare to get started on this year’s passage.

If you are interested in memorizing, but have questions or need help getting started, please use the Contact form.

I encourage you to begin memorizing God’s Word.  If anyone had told me before I started that I would be able to retain what I have, I would have laughed at them!  But God is gracious in blessing His children, and giving fruit.  The blessing is not only in the recitation, but in the learning.  The process of memorizing is also one of imparting understanding of the passage in context.  Please allow yourself to be blessed by God in this way!

2015 Update:  The passage for 2015 is 2 Corinthians 6-10.  To distinguish from week 1 of 2014, the weeks are designated by the year/the week number, hence 15 (2015)/1 (1st week).

Four years ago I was encouraged to begin memorizing whole books of the Bible, whereas before I was not memorizing it at all, or hadn’t for quite some time. I began with the book of Colossians.  Two verses a day.  The idea came from Ann Voskamp’s website A Holy Experience, memorizing Colossians in a year.  I adapted her idea using a pocket calendar, and off I went.  God blessed my effort.

In 2013 I was introduced to Scripture Typer (I do not remember by whom).  It is a totally free program, where you can memorize by typing the verses (or books) of your choosing at your own pace.  Scripture Typer will time you and alert you when you make a mistake.  It also reminds you when it is time to review the verses you have learned.

I highly recommend Scripture Typer.  I am not being paid to say so.  My ability to memorize has vastly increased with the use of Scripture Typer.  I not only have what I am currently working on, but also books and passages which I have memorized in the past.

I love the way I can separate verses or put them together in groups of my choosing.  I work on the group of two (or three) verses until I get it correct seven times before adding it to the passage already learned.  The user gets to choose how they wish to group them.  Groups can be changed at any time.  It’s a great way to keep reviewing.

In 2014 the post title heart hiding {Scripture Memorization} was born.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, it was forgotten (my face is red).  I started out the year by posting the verses for the week.  When I became involved in reviewing past books more than learning new verses, I stopped posting.

The passage for 2014 is 2 Corinthians 1-5.      Here’s what I propose to do.  List the weeks that have been posted here, and gradually add the rest, or at least some of the rest, by the end of the year.  The week won’t correspond with the week of the year, but at least we’ll be making progress.

Here’s a link to the Archives for ‘heart hiding’.  Here are the individual posts so far:

  1. Snow Playing and Heart Hiding {week 1}
  2. God of All Comfort and Heart Hiding {week 2}
  3. Sufferings, Consolation and Heart Hiding {week 3}
  4. Trusting in God and Heart Hiding {week 4}
  5. Our Great Deliverer and Heart Hiding {week 5}
  6. Godly Sincerity and Heart Hiding {week 6}
  7. #7-10 are in week 10
  8. with week 10
  9. with week 10
  10. The Promises of God and Heart Hiding {week 10}
  11. Sealed by God and Heart Hiding {week 11}
  12. Helpers of Your Joy and Heart Hiding {week 12}
  13. Thoughts on Prayer and Heart Hiding {week 13]
  14. If I Make You Sorry and Heart Hiding {week 14}
  15. Rejoicing and Heart Hiding {week 15}
  16. Overmuch Sorrow and Heart Hiding {week 16}
  17. with week 18
  18. Proof and Heart Hiding {weeks 17 & 18}
  19. Forgiveness and Heart Hiding {week 19}
  20. An Open Door and Heart Hiding {week 20}
  21. A Sweet Savour and Heart Hiding {week 21}
  22. Godly Sincerity and Heart Hiding {weeks 22 & 23}
  23. with week 22
  24. Letters of Commendation and Heart Hiding {week 24}
  25. Self-Sufficiency and Heart Hiding {week 25}
  26. Exceeding in Glory and Heart Hiding {week 26}
  27. Excellent Glory and Heart Hiding {week 27}
  28. Plain Speech and Heart Hiding {week 28}
  29. The Veil and Heart Hiding {week 29}
  30. The Spirit of the Lord and Heart Hiding {weeks 30 & 31}
  31. with week 30
  32. True Worship and Heart Hiding {week 32}
  33. The Glorious Gospel and Heart Hiding {week 33}
  34. Treasure in Earthen Vessels and Heart Hiding {week 34}
  35. Persecution and Heart Hiding {week 35}
  36. Manifesting Jesus and Heart Hiding {week 36}
  37. The Spirit of Faith and Heart Hiding {week 37}
  38. Abundant Grace and Heart Hiding {week 38}
  39. Light Affliction and Heart Hiding {weeks 39 & 40}
  40. with week 39
  41. An House Not Made With Hands and Heart Hiding {week 41}
  42. Being Clothed Upon and Heart Hiding {week 42}
  43. Faith Walk and Heart Hiding {week 43}
  44. Immortality and Heart Hiding {week 44}
  45. The Judgment Seat of Christ and Heart Hiding {week 45}
  46. Glory in Appearance and Heart Hiding {week 46}
  47. Live For Christ and Heart Hiding {week 47}
  48. A New Creature and Heart Hiding {week 48}
  49. Reconciliation and Heart Hiding {week 49}
  50. Christ Made Sin For Us {week 50}
  51. 2015 Heart Hiding {Overview}
  52. Heart Hiding {Tips & Helps}
  53. Workers Together With God {heart hiding 15/1}
  54. Approved of God {heart hiding 15/2}
  55. In All Things {heart hiding 15/3}
  56. An Enlarged Heart {heart hiding 15/4}
  57. Be Enlarged {heart hiding 15/5}
  58. Be Not Unequally Yoked {heart hiding 15/6}
  59. Be Ye Separate {heart hiding 15/7}
  60. A Suffering Ministry {heart hiding 15/8}
  61. To Die and Live {heart hiding 15/9}
  62. Comfort and Joy {heart hiding 15/10}
  63. Nevertheless God {heart hiding 15/11}
  64. Sorrowed to Repentance {heart hiding 15/12}
  65. Godly Sorrow {heart hiding 15/13}
  66. Comforted in Your Comfort {heart hiding 15/14}
  67. Complete Confidence {heart hiding 15/15}
  68. The Heart of Paul {heart hiding 15/16}
  69. Joy in Abundance {heart hiding 15/17}
  70. Ministering to the Saints {heart hiding 15/18}
  71. Giving to God {heart hiding 15/19}
  72. Abound in Giving {heart hiding 15/20}
  73. Grace Giving {heart hiding 15/21}
  74. Christ, Our Example {heart hiding 15/22}
  75. A Willing Mind {heart hiding 15/23}
  76. Equal Shares {heart hiding 15/24}
  77. Earnest Care {heart hiding 15/25}
  78. Graceful Giving {heart hiding 15/26}
  79. Untarnished Reputation {heart hiding 15/27}
  80. Blameless Abundance {heart hiding 15/28}
  81. The Glory of Christ {heart hiding 15/29}
  82. The Gift {heart hiding 15/30}
  83. Saint Ministering {heart hiding 15/31}
  84. Confident Boasting {heart hiding 15/32}
  85. Bountiful Reaping {heart hiding 15/33}
  86. Cheerful Giving {heart hiding 15/34}
  87. Generosity 101 {heart hiding 15/35}
  88. Multiplied Seed {heart hiding 15/36}
  89. Many Thanksgivings {heart hiding 15/37}
  90. God’s Unspeakable Gift {heart hiding 15/38}
  91. The Gift of Giving {heart hiding 15/39}
  92. Base or Bold? {heart hiding 15/40}
  93. Weapons of War {heart hiding 15/41}
  94. God First {heart hiding 15/42}
  95. Appearance or Authority? {heart hiding 15/43}
  96. Weak or Weighty? {heart hiding 15/44}
  97. The Measure of God {heart hiding 15/45}
  98. Hopeful Boasting {heart hiding 15/46}
  99. God’s Approval {heart hiding 15/47}
  100. 2016 Scripture Memorization {heart hiding 15/48}
  101. 2016 Scripture Memorization {heart hiding 15/49}
  102. Godly Jealousy {heart hiding 16/1}
  103. Another Jesus {heart hiding 16/2}
  104. Transparency in Christ {heart hiding 16/3}
  105. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul {heart hiding 16/4}
  106. Owe No Man {heart hiding 16/5}
  107. The Heart of Paul {heart hiding 16/6}
  108. Determined or Derailed? {heart hiding 16/7}
  109. Angels of Light {heart hiding 16/8}
  110. A Little Boasting {heart hiding 16/9}
  111. Suffering Fools {heart hiding 16/10}
  112. Speaking Boldly {heart hiding 16/11}
  113. Glorying After the Flesh {heart hiding 16/12}
  114. Ministers of Christ {heart hiding 16/13}
  115. Inspiring Circumstances {heart hiding 16/14}
  116. Caring for the Churches {heart hiding 16/15}
  117. Glory in Weakness {heart hiding 16/16}
  118. Basket Escape {heart hiding 16/17}
  119. Unwilling Boasting {heart hiding 16/18}
  120. Visions and Revelations {heart hiding 16/19}
  121. Into Paradise {heart hiding 16/20}
  122. Self-Denial {heart hiding 16/21}
  123. Exalted Above Measure {heart hiding 16/22}
  124. Sufficient Grace {heart hiding 16/23}
  125. God’s Son {heart hiding 20/1}
  126. Express Image of God {heart hiding 20/2}
  127. Firstbegotten Son {heart hiding 20/3}
  128. Righteous Ruler {heart hiding 20/4}
  129. Ministering Angels {heart hiding 20/5}
  130. Better Than Angels {heart hiding 20/6}
  131. Eternal Creator {heart hiding 20/7}


May God bless you in your endeavors to hide His Word in your heart!

What tips for memorizing would you share with readers?

How has God blessed you in memorizing His Word?

11 thoughts on “heart hiding {Scripture Memorization}

  1. ydoctor2015 says:

    Thank you for the explanation of how your scripture memorization journey began. i will try out your links above. Thank you so much for this needed ministry to lead the body of Christ back into His word.


  2. pruningthetwig says:

    Memorizing scripture has been on my mind and heart for quite some time now but unfortunately had been lacking discipline in this area! Thank u for this Joyce! This is a good reminder!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      You’re quite welcome, and thank you for your honesty. Once you get started the blessings outweigh the lack of discipline which we all have 🙂

      Thank you for your encouragement, and do stop by any time, Stephanie! ~Joyce


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