2014 Bible Reading Schedule

2014 Bible Reading  Schedule

{Note:  No longer posting on Mondays 3.10.2014.  Schedule is posted near the beginning of every month, or you can find it listed below.}

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Here are the printable pdf pages:

These are pdf files, which you are welcome to print.  Nothing fancy, just the schedules.

Overview of  January schedule.        JAN PRINT SCHEDULE

Week One, short list (2 pages).   JAN Week 1 short list

Week One, long list (17 pages).    JAN Week 1

Week Two, short list.   JAN Week 2

Week Three, short list.   JAN Week 3

Week Four, short list.   JAN Week 4

Week Five, short list.   JAN Week 5


Overview of February schedule.    FEB PRINT SCHEDULE

Week Six, short list.    FEB Week 6

Week Seven, short list.     FEB Week 7

Week Eight, short list.   FEB Week 8

Week Nine, short list.   FEB Week 9

FEBRUARY 2014 checklist


Overview of March schedule.    MAR PRINT SCHEDULE

Week Ten, short list.     MAR Week 10

Week Eleven, short list.    MAR Week 11

Week Twelve, short list.    MAR Week 12

Week Thirteen, short list.   MAR Week 13

MARCH 2014 checklist


Overview of April schedule. APR PRINT SCHEDULE

Week Fourteen, short list.  APR Week 14

Week Fifteen, short list.  APR Week 15

Week Sixteen, short list.  APR Week 16

Week Seventeen, short list.  APR Week 17

Week Eighteen, short list.  APR Week 18

APRIL 2014 checklist


Overview of May schedule.  MAY PRINT SCHEDULE

Week Nineteen, short list.  MAY Week 19

Week Twenty, short list.  MAY Week 20

Week Twenty-One, short list.  MAY Week 21

Week Twenty-Two, short list.  MAY Week 22

MAY 2014 checklist


Overview of June schedule.    JUNE PRINT SCHEDULE

Week Twenty-Three, short list.  JUNE Week 23

Week Twenty-Four, short list.  JUNE Week 24

Week Twenty-Five, short list.  JUNE Week 25

Week Twenty-Six, short list.  JUNE Week 26

JUNE 2014 checklist


JULY checklist  07.2014 checklist

Overview of July schedule.    07.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


AUGUST checklist      08.2014 checklist

Overview of August schedule.     08.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


SEPTEMBER checklist    09.2014 checklist

Overview of September schedule.     09.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


OCTOBER checklist             10.2014 checklist

Overview of October schedule.       10.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


NOVEMBER checklist     11.2014 checklist

Overview of November schedule.       11.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


DECEMBER checklist     12.2014 checklist

Overview of December schedule.     12.2014 PRINT SCHEDULE


Chronological Narrative Books (40)  JAM ChronNarr DAILY Schedule

Old Testament Chronological Narrative books.      2014 OT PRINT ChronNarr Schedule

New Testament Chronological Narrative books.   2014 NT PRINT ChronNarr Schedule


Letters for the entire year, overview schedule, no dates.    JAM 2014 LETTERS Schedule

Letters by month and week, for the year (3 months per page).  2014 PRINT LETTERS


Psalms Reading Schedule (by weeks, no dates).  JAM 2014 PSALMS Schedule

Psalms schedule for Book 1.   2014 PRINT PSALMS BOOK I

Psalms schedule for Book 2.   2014 PRINT PSALMS BOOK II

Psalms schedule for Books 3-4.    2014 PRINT PSALMS BOOK III-IV

Psalms schedule for Book 5.    2014 PRINT PSALMS BOOK V


Proverbs 1-9, by weeks, no dates.       2014 PROVERBS Schedule YEAR 1

Proverbs schedule for January.    JAN2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Proverbs schedule for February.  FEB2014 PRINT PROVERBS copy

Proverbs schedule for March.   03.2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Proverbs schedule for April.      04.2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Proverbs schedule for May.     05.2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Proverbs schedule for June.    06.2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Proverbs schedule (includes verses)  for July – Dec.    JUL-DEC 2014 PROVERBS Schedule

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