3 yr Bible Reading Schedule

The words of the LORD are pure words, like silver tried (tested) in a furnace of the earth, purified seven times.”          Psalm 12:6

This Bible Reading plan takes the reader through the Bible in a variety of schedules from one year to three. Narrative books are read in sequential order. Poetry books and the Letters can be read in one year or three. Proverbs is a three year schedule.

Check back soon for updated information for the completed three-year schedule.

Bible Reading Schedule 

After reading the Bible straight through for a decade I looked for a fresh schedule, preferably chronological.  Not finding one, I began making my own.

The Bible Reading Schedule(s) is my own design, a work in progress. It began as my personal schedule in 2014. In 2015 it was modified in some areas and continued in others which are more than a one year plan.

This is a three year chronological Bible reading schedule.  The books of the Bible are divided into four sections:  the Psalms, the Proverbs, the Letters, and the Chronological Narrative (ChronNarr)  books.  The Psalms and Letters are each read through in a year.  Proverbs and ChronNarr take three years each.  The readings are shortened to provide qualitative reading rather than quantitative.

As of today it is freely available for your personal use. There are pdfs for some but not all of it. Eventually it will be a revolving three year plan. Pdfs available by request only.

You may choose between daily, monthly, and yearly schedules listed below:

  • The Bible Reading Schedule is posted daily on the blog under the Vessels for the Master’s Use.
  • To receive a daily reminder click for email subscription.
  • To see the most recent post click here.
  • To see monthly Bible Reading schedules for the current year click here. (no longer available)
  • To receive the monthly schedule by email subscription click here. (not yet available)
  • To see the yearly schedule for the current year click 2016 Bible Reading Schedule (no longer available)
  • To order a complete set of monthly schedules for the current year click here. (not yet available)
  • To order a complete set of yearly schedules for three years click here (not yet available)

Explanation:  The current schedule is confusing as I started the ChronNarr schedule a year later than Proverbs, so that one is on year 2 and the other year 3 currently.  Eventually they will be posted as YR1, YR2, YR3.

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