AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT began as a post category in 2016.  It is scheduled for every 3rd month on the 3rd Thursday.  In 2016 that translates to the 3rd Thursdays of January, April, July, and October.

A work in progress —  Book reviews indexed by author.  Meanwhile the search window works well in locating them.

As each of my favorite authors get his/her own page, you will be able to click below for the page with their book titles/reviews:

Ann H. Gabhart

Ann Tatlock

Anne Mateer

David McCullough

Francine Rivers

Gina Holmes

Jack Cavanaugh

Jan Karon

Jane Kirkpatrick

Jeanette Windle

Larry Crabb

Lynn Austin

Lynnda Ell

Maureen Lang

Miss Read

Sarah Sundin

Stephanie Grace Whitson

Fiction Authors Read 2014-2017

Austin, Lynn Bambola, Sylvia Bradley, Patricia Brooks, Geraldine Brotherton, Marcus Camden, Elizabeth Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Clark, Mary Higgins Cossette, Connilyn Crow, Donna Fletchr Diamant, Anita Dotta, Jessica Eakes, Laurie Alice Gabhart, Ann H. Ganshert, Katie Gifford, Elizabeth Hedlund, Jodi Hill, Grace Livingston Homes, Gina Hunt, Irene Hunter, Kristi Ann James, P.D. Karon, Jan Keyes, Frances … Continue reading Fiction Authors Read 2014-2017

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