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July 18, 2016 update:  This blog being nearly full, the posting schedule below is on hold. You are welcome to read the archives and subscribe to the rss feed for future postings. The new website will link back here. Comments can still be made, and will be responded to.  For more information, please see the Author page.

Published on: Jan. 18, 2015:    Are you a reader looking for a new book or author?  Or a writer looking for readers?  Or encouragement in your craft?  Would you join a community of readers and writers whose desire is to bring praise and glory to God?

The silver of His fining is here to help you find a good read, share your writing, find motivation and hope when you’re stuck, and encouragement in a community of writers who love God.  I’m so glad you’ve landed here, and pray you find encouragement and hope in God and community with other readers and writers.  And please share with us how God has renewed your hope through HIs Word in your life.  We’d love to hear your story.

Hi, my name is Joyce Marble, and I write about books I’ve read, marketing ideas, the craft of writing, and my memoirs about family and New England.  I also write a daily Bible reading schedule post called Vessels for the Master’s Use and a series called heart hiding.  Posts either fall in the Read or Write categories.  Here is the posting schedule:

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