Night of Miracles { John W. Peterson}

Night of Miracles is viewed so often it deserves to be reposted. Never tire of the message!

the silver of His fining

Photography by Jammy Photography by Jammy

When I was in high school, many moons ago, in the early 1970s, our church choir performed a few of John W. Peterson’s cantatas.  If I am not mistaken, Night of Miracles was the first one we did.  Our young pastor and his wife directed and accompanied us.  It was a fabulous and meaningful experience for me, and I hope for the other participants.

These many years later I am searching YouTube for a recording of this cantata.  The first one I found, by the Nameless Company of Lisbon, is generally to my liking, as it is sung as written.  It is not performed in an English speaking country, but is sung in English.  That may be the reason I don’t care so much for the narrator, but the music is so well done I think it is worth listening to.

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