2017 Bible Reading Schedule {printable pdfs}

Are you looking for a fresh new Bible reading schedule for 2017? 

You’ve come to the right place! This fresh new chronological schedule will renew your Bible reading, as it did mine. I pray that God uses this schedule to encourage you in 2017.

DSCN8980 - Version 2

The 2017 Bible Reading Schedule is my own personal Bible reading schedule, created in an effort to change up the order in which I read through the Bible, in an effort to retain more of what I read.  My hope in sharing it with you, is that you will also gain a renewed excitement for, and understanding of what you read daily in God’s Word.

In case you missed the 2016 Bible Reading Schedule {preview} and the 2016 Bible Reading Schedule {overview}, or previous year’s schedules, you can go to the Welcome page link in the header and click on the appropriate page link listed under WORSHIP in the left-hand column.

The information in this post is archived on the 2017 Bible Reading Schedule page.

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2016 Bible Reading Schedule

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2016 Bible Reading Schedule {preview}

2016 Bible Reading Schedule {overview}

Bible Reading Schedule {January/2017}


Here are the printable pdf pages:

These are pdf files, which you are welcome to print. Nothing fancy, just the schedules.

January checklist jan-year-3-checklist

Overview of January schedule. 2017-jan-print-schedule

February checklist   feb-year-3-checklist

Overview of February schedule. 2017-feb-print-schedule

March checklist mar-year-3-checklist

Overview of March schedule. 2017-mar-print-schedule

April checklist   apr-year-3-checklist

Overview of April schedule.   2017-apr-print-schedule

May checklist   may-year-3-checklist

Overview of May schedule.   2017-may-print-schedule

June checklist   jun-year-3-checklist

Overview of June schedule.   2017-june-print-schedule

July checklist   jul-year-3-checklist

Overview of July schedule.   2017-july-print-schedule

August checklist   aug-year-3-checklist

Overview of August schedule.   2017-aug-print-schedule

September checklist   sep-year-3-checklist

Overview of September schedule.   2017-sep-print-schedule

October checklist   oct-year-3-checklist

Overview of October schedule.   2017-oct-print-schedule

November checklist     nov-year-3-checklist

Overview of November schedule.   2017-nov-print-schedule

December checklist     dec-year-3-checklist

Overview of December schedule.     2017-dec-print-schedule


Letters for the entire year, overview schedule, with and without dates.  2017-print-letters

Psalms Reading Schedule (by weeks, no dates).  JAM 2014 PSALMS Schedule

Psalms schedule for Book 1.   2017-psalms-book-i

Psalms schedule for Book 2.   2017-psalms-book-ii

Psalms schedule for Books 3-4.   2017-psalms-book-iii-iv

Psalms schedule for Book 5.   2017-psalms-book-v

Proverbs schedule for 2017.   2017-proverbs-schedule-year-3

Chronological Narrative schedule for 2017.   2017-chron-narr-scheduleyr-3


Bible Reading Schedule {January/2017}

Are you ready to begin your 2017 Bible Reading Schedule for January?  The new year snuck up on me, but things are getting caught up quickly. To begin with the January 2017 pdfs are available. Later in the month the remainder of the 2017 Bible Reading Schedule pdfs will be available.

Something new !!!  I am excited to announce the completion of the 3-year Bible Reading Schedule!  This will begin in 2018, and will be available in the fall of 2017. More about this in coming months.

Attention Newcomers —-Since the new overview is not ready I am leaving this here for newcomers to view:

In case you missed, here are  the 2016 Bible Reading {overview}, and the pdfs for the entire year are on the 2016 Bible Reading Schedule page.

DSCN8980 - Version 2January pdfs

Here’s an overview of January:

(Note: ChronNarr is short for Chronological Narrative Books)

Week Days – Chron Narr – Lamentations, Ezekiel 1-15
Week Days – Letters – James and Galatians
Six Days – Psalms 1-12
Six Days – Proverbs 20:1-24

The Daily Proverb makes it easy to grasp  the meaning, and to remember it throughout the day.  Have you checked out the previous daily posts Vessels for the Master’s Use?  Reading a hymn a day sets the mind on the right things during the day.


The 2017 Bible Reading Schedule is posted the last week of the month.  All pdf files for the schedule will be filed under the 2017 Bible Reading Schedule, under the BIBLE tab, under the WORSHIP tab. Later in January the remainder of the pdfs will be available on the blog. Last year’s pdf files are filed under the 2016 Bible Reading Schedule, which is under the BIBLE tab, which is under the WORSHIP tab.


If you haven’t yet started your Bible Reading this year, it’s never too late.  You can start at the beginning, or at today’s date, or any point in between.  You can choose to just read Psalms, or Psalms and Proverbs, or just the Narrative books.  You can read them as scheduled or at your own pace.  You make the plan work for you and your needs.


 Please be encouraged to read God’s Word, no matter how much or how little, as often as you can.  It will make a difference in your life, I promise!