Held by God by Lori Phillips and Lynn Willers { book review}

Held by God by Lori Phillips and Lynn Willers {book review}


I benefited so much from reading this book. I cannot relate to the physical problems specifically, but I love to read other people’s stories and learn from them.

First let me say this. The authors are twin sisters. I have read books written by two people which left the reader constantly wondering who said what. This book is not at all confusing. It reads like it has one author, seamless. When something is about Lori, it is written in the third person about Lori, and vice versa for Lynn. Beautifully done!

This book is about a family, an extended family, and their struggles with physical challenges and suffering which go beyond what many of us have experienced. And yet it is a story of hope and of faith in a loving and merciful God, which to me is the ultimate testimony. Faith which shines through adversity.

This book is not light reading. There is much about the medical challenges, which may not appeal to every reader. And there are many references to Biblical accounts, which make it much like a Bible study book. Every aspect of the book is written in great detail, which is what appeals to me and yet may not to every reader.

My one comment, perhaps criticism, is the overuse of quotes by Greg Laurie and a few others. I felt like the book was an advertising tool at times. I understand using the Women of Faith conferences, since they coincided with the events in the story, but some of the quotes were not so much needing credit for the source as they appeared to be name-dropping.

That being said, I read every word, I read the entire book straight through, and learned from it. And I recommend it highly. I am so encouraged by this family’s faith in God, which is a practical daily walk with God and each other. It is real, not perfect. And I am so glad they made the effort to transparently share their story with us. This book honors God greatly!

My rating: 4 stars

I received my copy of this book from the authors in exchange for my review. Opinions are my own.

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