Flight Risk by Rayanne Sinclair {book review}

Flight Risk by Rayanne Sinclair {book review}  :  I just love this author’s writing!  She takes the reader into the story in an unforgettable way.

Flight RiskSummary:  In 1959, Prudhoe Bonner lives with life and death situations all the time. The Anchorage-based trauma nurse is one of the only women in the new state of Alaska trained to handle airlifts, and she plays as hard as she works. Prudhoe has a catch-and-release approach to men. They’re fun to toy with, but her father proved to her that men really can’t be trusted.
Then Braedon Clarkson steps in and saves her—literally—when he takes the controls of their plane after the pilot dies in the middle of a storm. Braedon’s heroism catches the attention of everyone in Anchorage, but his own attention is focused on the petite, dark beauty who seems to calmly handle everything life hands her.
Braedon was a different kind of man, one who seems to genuinely respect and support Prudhoe. But would she give him—and the faith that sustains him—a chance?

My reactions:  It’s not easy to write a review for a book I enjoy.  It’s difficult to be critical and objective.  I have two things to say about Flight Risk, which are intended as constructive criticism for the author as well as information for the potential reader.

If you are looking for a squeaky-clean read, this book has a couple of less than stellar words in it, the first being on the first page.  I know the author used this language to portray the characters, however my preference is an allusion to cursing rather than the actual word(s).  It’s not that they are used for effect.  It’s the affect it has on me as I read.

I have chosen to only read books which use clean language.  That doesn’t mean the characters are above reproach.  It means that because the reader is not above reproach, a cleanly written book is a more powerful read.  Language, the standard of language chosen by the author does not have to stoop to the level of the character’s mind in order to get the point across to the reader.  In this case I am still recommending the book.  It is that good.

The second observation is rather broad, thus it includes my reactions to the book as a whole.  I will leave the observation to the end.

Flight Risk embodies a great deal of culture, much of which is historical as the story takes place half a century ago.  I am partial to Alaskan culture, having lived there myself.  The author has pulled so many aspects of the culture into the story it amazes me.

From the POV character’s name, Prudhoe, to flying in an eight-passenger plane, to her nursing career, her native (not Alaskan) heritage, to the fish cannery and the sled dog race in Anchorage.  All this and more supports the story, rather than detracts from it.

My observation is this:  Flight Risk is only 161 pages.  The author packed so much into this brief novella.  I would love to see this story expanded into a series, or at least a 400+ page book.  So much research and detail packed into a short book seems to be only the seed of a much larger work.  Just an observation.

In addition to this great cultural description, there are other levels to this book.  One deals with Prudhoe’s deep-seated mistrust of men, and the other is the progression of her relationship to God.  Of course her relationship with Braedon Clarkson is the thread which ties it all together beautifully.  Brandon’s character is my favorite.

My rating:  5 stars

I recommend this book to mature readers who are looking for a compelling read into which they can sink their teeth.  This story has depth to it beyond the romance, which is not always at the front, and very properly portrayed.  It is a love story at its best.

I received my copy of Flight Risk from the author in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Rayanne Sinclair

Rayanne Sinclair

About the author:  

In the midst of a successful business career, Rayanne Sinclair surprised everyone, including herself, by venturing into fiction with the release of her first novel, Steal Away. Now retired, she has since published three more novels – Beso Ducle, Page Turner, and Flight Risk (novella).

Rayanne holds a B.S. from The Ohio State University, and an M.S. from Seattle Pacific University. A thoroughly Northwest girl, she indulges her writing addiction in a lovely ferry town just north of Seattle.


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This review of Flight Risk is also on Goodreads and Amazon.com .



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