Suddenly Single Mom by Jeanette Hanscome {book review}

Suddenly Single Mom:  52 messages of hope, grace, and promise   by Jeanette Hanscome {book review}  –  First Look Blog Tour {Worthy Publishing}

Raising your children alone may not have been your plan, but these 52 encouragements will support and inspire you to thrive in your new role.

“When I felt the tug to write a devotional for single moms, I didn’t think I had any business doing it.”    —  Jeanette Hanscome

“Your story might be very different from mine.  But certain things are consistent regardless of the details:

  •        Adjusting to the single-mom life is exhausting, painful, and hard.  
  •        It changes everything. ..  
  •        We need Jesus more than ever
  •        It takes a long time to accept.”             —  Jeanette Hanscome

Suddenly Single Mom

Raising your children alone may not have been your plan, but these 52 encouragements will support and inspire you to thrive in your new role.

Raising your family on your own can be heartbreaking, lonely and hard to navigate. Suddenly, you are the one who has to have the answers. Remembering that God is always with you and that His love is faithful can give you the confidence to face whatever this new life brings. With a foundation of helpful Scripture verses, each message shares a story, a survival tip and a prayer.

Readers will find a faithful companion in this book as they encounter each new experience and learn to embrace their new role. Jeanette Hanscome shares 52 encouraging insights gleaned from her first year as a single mom to two boys. She shares very real struggles and triumphs, from learning to stand on her own to knowing when to ask for or accept help, and deals with both the emotional and the practical challenges of raising her children on her own.

Jeanette Hanscome is an author, writing teacher, speaker, and busy mom. Her work has been featured by Focus on the Family, Standard Publishing, Walk Thru the Bible, and Lifeway. She enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, studying the Bible, and spending time with her two incredible sons. Jeanette was born with a rare vision disorder called Achromatopsia, which means she has no color vision, is extremely light sensitive, and has visual acuity in the legally blind range. Jeanette lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My Reaction:

I absolutely love this book!  While I wish I could not identify, and that there would be no need for such a book, I am realistically thankful for the author’s willingness to share her experiences and faith and hope obtained through the trial of being a single mom.

Hanscome shares not only her difficult circumstances, but her Almighty loving Father, Who desires to be our hope and strength in all circumstances of life.

I love the cover, especially the colors.  I love the size of the book (fits in one hand), and the flaps for keeping one’s place.  Each devotional is short and to the point, sharing a vignette from the author’s experience, a prayer, a Bible reading, a though to consider and a ‘Survival Tip’.

The writing is well done, the vignettes are tastefully done, yet get to the core of the author’s raw emotions, and always directed to pleasing God and seeking His help.  The author’s ability to share her trials while remaining focused on God is refreshing.

I recommend this book to all single moms, whether they still have children at home or not, and for all who want insight into the heart of a single mom in order to be of help.  I also recommend that adult children raised by a single mom read it to gain insight into their own mother’s struggles.

Though I am far removed by time from my days as a single mom, I continue to live with that person.  Not only does being a single mom change her life while the children are growing up, it changes her for ever.  This book provides the means for setting that course to walk by faith in God’s provision for her needs for a lifetime.

Buy the book.  Buy one for a single mom.  Offer to babysit for her regularly so she can spend time alone with the book and with God.  Recommend it to others.  It is excellent.  Practical, not preachy.  The Scripture passages are so clearly applicable in a practical way.

The following are quotes and Scripture from the book which particularly moved me:

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  Psalm  34:18  –page 51

Psalm 42 in its entirety, specifically:  “.. hope thou in God:  for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.”  (verse 5)  — page 54

On Loss:  “Being a single mom means facing countless painful losses… It’s possible you’ve lost so much that you stopped keeping track.  All you  know is that pieces of your life keep slipping away.”  –page 61

“What situation has your heart crying to God, ‘Do something?'”  Psalm 13  — page 124

“… the God who filled His Word with evidence that He created us for relationships will not leave us friendless.”  — page 175

The Lord who kept us fed, housed, and stable through our ‘I can’t believe this is my life’ past has a future full of good things waiting for us.”  —  page 179  

Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing your hope with us.  May God continue to be your help and strength and hope as you serve Him.  Thank you to your sons to for allowing you to share their story with us.

My rating:  5 stars

I received my copy of Suddenly Single Mom from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my participation in the First Look Blog tour.  Opinions are my own.

JHanscomeFrom the Author:
I am an author, writing teacher, speaker, and busy mom currently living in California’s beautiful East Bay Area.

My new book, Suddenly Single Mom: 52 Messages of Hope, Grace, and Promise will be published by Worthy Inspired in March. It is available for pre-order now.

As an author, I have almost 20 years of experience, which includes work with Focus on the Family, The Upper Room, Standard Publishing, Walk Thru the Bible’s Tapestry, LifeWay’s Journey, and Guideposts magazine. I am a regular assigned contributor to Standard Publishing’s Encounter—the Magazine and edit on a freelance basis for publishers and individuals.

My book, Running with Roselle, was written with blind 9/11 survivor Michael Hingson and continues to receive encouraging feedback from both kids and adults. My short Christmas eBook, Gifts, Volume 12 in Kathi Macias’s 12 Days of Christmas Series, allowed me write fiction again for the first time in over a decade, which was extremely exciting. Most recently I had stories included in Kathy Ide’s Fiction Lover’s Devotions, 21 Days of Grace and 21 Days of Love.

I belong to several writing and editing organizations, including ACFW, Christian Editor Connection, Christian Author’s Network (CAN), and Inspire Christian Writers.

In real life, I am the mother of two incredible sons—one in middle school and one young adult. I love to cook, bake, read, knit, crochet, study the Bible, sing with the choir and worship team at church, and spend time with friends and family.

It might interest you to know that I am visually impaired and have been since birth. I was born with a rare vision disorder called Achromatopsia, which means that I have no color vision, am extremely light sensitive, and have visual acuity in the legally blind range. (For more information on this interesting eye disease, visit

People often ask me to describe what I see. Although it’s difficult to make normally sighted people understand the light sensitivity and limited vision (which changes depending on how bright it is outside), this picture will give you a glimpse into how I see the world. Think of it as living in a black & white movie—beautiful in its own way.

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Walk in the light! and thou shalt find thy heart made truly His Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined, in whom no darkness is.

Walk in the light! and thou shalt own thy darkness passed away, Because that light hath on thee shone in which is perfect day.

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