List of All Lists – Part 7 {social media}

This is Part 7 in the List of All Lists series, which follows my Direct Tweet Campaign on Twitter.  It is part of the social media portion of this blog. You may wish to read how it all began in 2014 on List of All Lists part 1.


The first actual list was published  as the List of All Lists part 2, comprised of eighteen published authors who  also interact on Goodreads.  The List of All Lists part 3 reviews the series.

The List of All Lists part 4 is a list of 19 Writer/Writing mutual followers on Twitter.  The List of All Lists part 5 is a list of twenty-five Bloggers, and the List of All Lists part 6 is a list of thirty Just Tweeters.

The List of All Lists –  Part 5 {social media} features Bloggers.

To put the posts in a link list:

  1. Part 1 – overview
  2. Part 2 – 18 published authors
  3. Part 3 – review
  4. Part 4 – 19 Writers/Writing sites
  5. Part 5 –  25 Bloggers 
  6. Part 6 – 30 Just Tweeters
  7. Part 7 – 24 MISC – Photographers/Genealogists/Nature Lovers/Businesses/Influencers  {this post}

The Direct Tweet Campaign was conducted with my first 1,000 followers, of which 838 were mutual followers.  These were grouped into the following categories:

  1. Published Authors
  2. Writers/Writing
  3. Bloggers
  4. Just Tweeters
  5. Misc. – Photographers/Genealogists
  6. Nature Lovers
  7. Buisnesses
  8. Social Media/Leadership
  9. Influencers (more than 50,000 followers)

Here’s how the Direct Tweet Campaign has turned out thus far:

  • The goal of 400 Responders to direct tweets was exceeded as the group reached 422.
  • The goal of 200 Engagers was also exceeded as that group reached 208.
  • The goal of 100 Tweeters has been exceeded, though the exact number is yet to be determined.
  • The final goal of the Campaign is a group of 50 Supporters.

The List of All Lists – part 7 is a list of 24 Misc. mutual followers on Twitter.  Misc. is comprised of Photographers, Genealogists, Nature Lovers, Businesses, Social Media/Leadership, and Influencers (Tweeters with over 50K followers).

Here’s the breakdown of the numbers:

  • Twitter Followers:  1,000
  • Twitter Mutual Followers:  838
  • Twitter Mutual Follower Misc.:  135
  • Twitter Mutual Follower Blogger Responders:  50
  • Twitter Mutual Follower Blogger Responder Engagers:  26
  • Twitter Mutual Follower Blogger Responder Engager Tweeters:  24

To break that into categories:  2 Photographers, 1 Genealogist, 9 Nature Lovers, 5 Businesses, and 7 Influencers.  {The only category to not make it to the final round, oddly enough, is Social Media/Leadership.  There were 15 in the first round.}


You have made the list of most interactive Tweeters!



29 Days of New things

Laura Bentley


Leslie Lawson (no longer follows me)


Amy Sward


Gerilynn 35


Leslie T. Sharpe

Louisa Crispin

Marilyn @thefarmerswife


Poets Love Birds


Hallway Publishing

Jackie Ludwig

Jim Jonas

Sabrina Quairoli


Arleen Boyd

Cara Brookins

Eric Jonas Swensson


Lori Ruff

Rachel Lee Coppola

Shane Jeremy James

That concludes the List of All Lists – part 7.

Look for the SUPPORTERS List of All Lists – part 8 coming soon  .

See you all on social media!!!

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