Red Bird {book review}

Red Bird is the third (final) in the Prairie Winds series by Stephanie Grace Whitson.  Click on the titles to read my reviews of the first two in the series, Walks the Fire (scroll down to find it), and Soaring Eagle.


Here’s an excerpt from the back cover of Red Bird:

Carrie still treasures the memory of the first time she saw Soaring Eagle… But Soaring Eagle has spent the years since Carrie left Nebraska becoming a part of white society… Those closest to Carrie and Soaring Eagle are concerned… Carrie must follow her heart back to Nebraska–and in the process learn that walking by faith often means walking through fire–not running from it.

In Red Bird, Stephanie Grace Whitson, the author of Walks the Fire and Soaring Eagle, weaves the story of a white woman and a Lakota Sioux man who both discover that God often makes His children give up their own plans so that He can pour out “exceeding abundantly beyond all they ask or think.

Here’s another summary by my Goodreads friend Loraine:

All her life Carrie has dreamed of Soaring Eagle. Now all grown up, can Carrie’s love survive his new way of life?

A missionary’s daughter and the Lakota warrior she loves must grapple with forces beyond their control that will inevitably destroy everything they love—except each other.

For Carrie Brown, leaving the mission school where she grew up and moving to St. Louis doesn’t mean forgetting Soaring Eagle. For Soaring Eagle, studying at eastern universities means transforming himself into a sought-after lecturer as Jeremiah King—and meeting alluring Julia Woodward. When Carrie and Soaring Eagle both follow their hearts back to Nebraska, they face circumstances that challenge everything they thought they knew about God—and each other.

“Red Bird” is the compelling story of love and faith in a time of turbulent change.

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Here’s my Goodreads’ review:

Red Bird (Prairie Winds, #3)Red Bird by Stephanie Grace Whitson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Library copy. First read maybe 20 years ago. Just read the first two in the Prairie Winds series, Walks the Fire and Soaring Eagle, which I loved. Time to re-read Red Bird, since I don’t remember it. Just love this author!

This book is fabulous! I couldn’t put it down. Little Carrie Brown aka Red Bird, is the main character. She was introduced in Soaring Eagle, who is also a main character of this book. There are many other characters as well, all of whom play an important part in history and in Carrie’s and Soaring Eagle’s life.

Red Bird takes place mostly in Nebraska. It portrays the city of Lincoln in its early growth, the ‘Indian Problem’ relating directly to the Sioux, there relocation and learning to live like the White man, and missionary efforts to educate the’savages’.

I would say, after reading up on the author, that it is her theology which attracts me to her books. Not to minimize her handling of the historical facts and the fictional plot and the characters. Perhaps what I mean is that her writing is so well balanced between all of these areas, including the tightness of the writing, which is amazing for an author with no formal training.

I literally feel as though I have been where Carrie was, and experienced what she went through. I didn’t remember the story from the first reading. Each twist and turn was a surprise to me.

The thing that impresses me about this book is that, while there are abundant mishaps and deviations from the characters’ dreams and plans, the story is never dark or hopeless. The characters are flawed, and yet there is a strong portrayal of our flawless Holy God Who is lovingly in control of all things. I find this to be closer to reality than fiction, so that I also learn and grow with the story.

Again, I love the Scripture at the beginning of each chapter. Thank you, Stephanie, for such a fine series.

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February 11

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Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me.

Break me, melt me, mould me, fill me.

Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me.

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