At Every Turn by Anne Mateer {book review}

At Every Turn by Anne Mateer {book review}


She’s off to the races!

Caught up in a whirlwind of religious enthusiasm, Alyce Benson impetuously pledges three thousand dollars to mission work in Africa. Now she just has to find a way to get the money.

Alyce harbors a secret passion for speed and automobiles, and she’s spent many an afternoon driving around the rustic track in the field behind her home.

When she discovers that her father’s company has sponsored a racing car that will compete in several upcoming events–races in which the driver will be paid and could win as much as five thousand dollars in prize money–she conspires with her father’s mechanic, Webster, to train and compete.

But when her friends cast aspersions on Webster’s past, she realizes she may have trusted the wrong person with her secret.

Will Alyce come up with the money in time, or will she have to choose between her hasty promise and the man who holds a piece of her heart?

My Reaction:   Absolutely delightful story!

I think that Alyce will be with me for awhile. She is so real! I wanted to shake some sense into her at times,
and other times I was admiring her spunk. The story is clever, the characters quite real, and the faith line is the core of the story and carries it to the end. Very well done.

This is a great read for everyone. Squeaky clean (of course), hard to put down. Though it is first person narrative there is plenty of action. The supporting characters are clearly portrayed, and the ‘twist’ is maintained to the end. I especially love the ‘hint’ of romance without all the ‘mess’.

It’s a great story because there are many characters of different gender and generation and levels of faith with whom to identify (or not). I’ll be interested to read other reviews to see if any thought it ‘preachy’. I did not.

Great book, Anne! Can’t wait to read the next one!

My Goodreads review:  At Every Turn by Anne Mateer
My rating: 4 stars

About the Author:  While I have been writing for what feels like my whole life, I began seriously studying the craft in 2000. Since then I have completed five novels, had several pieces published in local periodicals, attended six writing conferences and managed to final in ACFW’s Genesis contest in 2006, 2008, and 2009. My first historical novel, Wings of a Dream, released in September 2011. My second, At Every Turn, is available now. But writing is only a piece of my life.

I am mostly just a woman trying to live her life in a manner pleasing to the Lord. That involves being a wife to Jeff and a mother to my three young adult children. Neither role has come easily, but both have stretched me, requiring me to press in closer to Jesus. And because of this, Jesus has taken an insecure, fearful, sometimes angry girl and is turning her into a more trusting, peaceful, grace-filled woman. At least some of the time. There is still such a long way to go! 

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