No Explanation Necessary {book reviews}

No Explanation Necessary {book reviews} Necessary or not, here is the explanation for the sudden influx of book reviews, which is two-fold.

If you are a regular reader, or an author, or just happened to come here for the first time .. I would just like to say what is on my heart.  I have read a lot of books in the last two years by wonderful new-to-me authors, some of whom I have met online.  I was able to read them from my public library.

Nearly a year ago my life underwent some changes.  My mother died and I moved halfway across the country seeking to establish myself in the area where I grew up.  Two things were a result of those changes:  I stopped reading and I stopped posting reviews.  In the past couple of months I have started reading again, but without a source for those authors.

What I am doing differently.  I am now blogging for books, getting copies of books from publishers for which I am writing reviews here and on and on Goodreads.  This is a new experience which so far is working out well.

Currently I am reviewing books for the following publishers:

  •  ~ Thomas Nelson, Zondervan
  • ~ First Look Blog Tour
  • ~ Bethany House reviewer
  • Moody Publishers ~
  • ~ Random House

Obviously I am reading again and I continue to request the previous authors’ books which are on my 2016 Fiction Reading List from my public library, but they come at a much slower rate than previously.

As for the missing reviews from 2015, I am posting them here from Goodreads.  In addition to which I am splitting my old book review posts which contained multiple books, so that each book review will have its own post.  Hence the influx of many book reviews at once.

To find reviews of specific books or authors you may wish to refer to my 2015 Fiction Author Index.  You will know when this project is complete because all the titles will have links!

For authors with new titles.  You are more than welcome to Contact me with an inquiry.  I would love to read and review your new titles, especially if you are on my Favorite Author List.  Thank you so much for writing for us to enjoy your stories.  You are also welcome to request a Guest Post here on my blog.  You may present your proposal as I have yet to set guidelines for Guest Posts.  The second Wednesday of the month is scheduled for Guest Posts.

My preferred genres are Christian historical fiction and memoir.  I read clean contemporary Christian fiction and clean historical fiction and non-fiction.  I am not a big fan of romance.  All books must be squeaky clean in language and relationships.

Comments and suggestions.  Would love to hear your thoughts, as always.  Always looking for ideas from fellow book bloggers.  Thanks for being here!


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