Angel Sister by Ann H. Gabhart {book review}

Angel SisterAngel Sister is the first in the Rosey Corner series by Ann H. Gabhart.  I read the second and third books first.   You can view the book review for the second book, Small Town Girl, which I enjoyed immensely.   To quote myself:

One of my new favorite authors (new to me) is Ann H. Gabhart. If you like clean Americana Christian fiction, I recommend her books to you. If you like accessible authors, Ann is on Twitter, and she does talk. She is also on Goodreads.

You may also wish to read my review of the third book in the Rosey Corner series,  Love Comes Home.



Angel Sister is the first in the Rosey Corner series. Here is my book review in Goodreads.

Angel Sister (Rosey Corner, #1)Angel Sister by Ann H. Gabhart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Library copy. First in the Rosey Corner series. I read the first two before reading this one. I recommend reading them in order. The second and third books were fine, but this one was a bit spoiled by reading the others first.

The four star rating is generous. Unlike the other two books, there were things about this one that I would have done differently, things that were confusing to me. Maybe it’s me.

In the first place I thought the ‘angel sister’ was Lorena, whose character is much stronger in the next book. But in this book Lorena calls Kate her ‘angel’. I get why she did that, but it’s not really central to the plot. And while there is a good deal of Kate in the book, the point of view is a bit all over the place with most of the adults. There were so many that individual books could be written from each point of view.

While the multiple point(s) of view was not confusing due to the strong writing and story line and the distinctive characters, it detracts from the ‘message’ of the book. I think it’s about forgiveness, at least that’s where it ended up. I thought the ending was weak, as well as a few chapter endings.

What bugged me for most of the book, until the last hundred pages when people started pulling together for a single purpose, were the many flaws of multiple characters and the near tragedies that resulted from them. It was almost to the point of being dark and depressing, or maybe it was. And the resolution of these events tended to be unrealistic.

My favorite characters are Kate Merrett’s parents, Victor and Nadine. To me they were the overcomers in the story, not Kate. And I loved Fern, but then I had already met her in the subsequent books.

The best part of the book, which some readers may think is too preachy, is the message of faith in our Sovereign God, Who some of the characters learned to pray to and trust. Very nicely woven into the story, not tacked on.

Overall it’s a great book, a compelling read once you get into it, just not my favorite. The author paints the scene strongly enough to put the reader right in Rosey Corner. I strongly encourage you to read Small Town Girl and Love Comes Home as well.

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