Colorful Journey by Sue Anne Bottomley {book review}

Colorful Journey by Sue Anne Bottomley {book review}  An Artist’s Adventure:  Drawing Every Town in New Hampshire

Colorful Journey

Library book. Loved it!

This book began as project DRAW-NH.

“Upon moving back to New Hampshire after 40 years away, I started to draw my surroundings, both our town and those nearby…”,

quoting the author. She proceeded to draw all 234 towns (and cities) within two year’s time.

The book is divided into the seven New Hampshire regions, and has an index of towns in the back. There is no map of towns, the reader either needs to know his geography or bring his own map.

Each drawing is unique. Some focus on a particular building. The artist lends more detail to certain styles than others. Some focus on a mountain or lake. Some show a vignette of the town with mountains peeking in the background. The drawings include all four seasons, as the artist was on a tight schedule, drawing in all manner of weather.

Accompanying each drawing is brief narrative, tastefully divided into a group of three per page. often included are the artist’s childhood memories, when the town was settled and incorporated, what activities or industry it was known for, and an explanation of what she drew, sometimes including the weather.

Having recently moved back to New Hampshire myself this book was a delight to read. The drawings and text are a delightful way of seeing New Hampshire through the artist’s eye. her sketches are not comprehensive, but rather representative of what is important to the artist. in sharing her beloved New Hampshire she has also shared a piece of herself.

I highly recommend this book to all readers, young and old, artists and non-artists, those who love New Hampshire as well as those who have never seen it. New Hampshire is a place everyone should visit. It will not disappoint, and neither will this book, Colorful Journey by Sue Anne Bottomley.

To see more of Sue Anne Bottomley’s drawings check out her blog.

You may purchase Colorful Journey on her website or on, Barnes & Noble, and at local independent bookstores such as Main Street Bookends in Warner, New Hampshire.

And if you are trying not to add to your book collection, you may borrow Colorful Journey from your local public library.

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