Consistency v. Complacency {social media}

Consistency v. Complacency {social media}.

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There’s one thing that defines me well, all the time — CONSISTENCY.

I’m consistently absent, consistently late, consistently wrong, consistently showing up, consistently trying the same thing over and over again, consistently negligent — whatever I do, or neglect to do, I do it CONSISTENTLY, often with the same results.

A co-worker, with more experience and education than I, once told me that the format used (we worked in a college library) was not as important as using the same format consistently.  I have followed her advice which has proven true.

Yet there are areas of consistency which indicate something is amiss.

Consistently planning to do a task which hasn’t been done in months is foolish.  Or is it?

When you come up with a plan that you believe is a good one, how long do you continue to plan for it?

Do you only continue if it works or fits easily into your schedule?

Do you continue planning for it long after others have given up on the idea?

Could this be the difference between an inventor-creator-entrepreneur mindset and that of one who follows the status quo?  I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you 🙂        Of course, I don’t mind if you don’t answer, I’ll just continue on consistently planning for those things I believe in, whether or not anyone else does.

A year ago I started scheduling a SOCIAL MEDIA Planning post on the third Tuesday of each month.  The first two months I followed through.  Then things fell apart.  I stopped writing posts basically.  Too many changes, things were unsettled in  my world.  One of these days I’ll write about that.

When I wrote out my 2016 blog post schedule, I stuck to the same schedule that didn’t get followed in 2015.  Because it’s a good schedule.  And I think I ought to follow it.

So here’s to using that consistency in planning to convert the consistency in not following the schedule to consistently posting according to schedule!

How do you accomplish your goals?  Do you take time to write them out?  

Do you schedule certain things for certain days/times?  

Do you run your life like a business?  

What do you plan to accomplish in 2016?

Some make it a practice to learn one new social media tool every year.  I think that’s a great plan.  Since I did not learn a new one last year, I plan to double up this year and start using Instagram and 500px.

What are your favorite social media platforms?

What do you plan to learn this year?

I am currently using:  Twitter, LinkedIn,, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Tumblr.

What social media platforms are your least favorite?  Mine is Facebook.

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The Mountain Midwife {book review}

For nearly two hundred years, women in Ashley Tolliver’s family have practiced the art of midwifery in their mountain community.  Now she wants to take her skills a step further, but attending medical school means abandoning those women to whom she has dedicated her life, the mountains she loves, and the awakening of her heart.                              

  The Mountain Midwife by Laurie Alice Eakes {book review} 

The Mountain Midwife_1.indd

The Mountain Midwife


Ashley Tolliver has tended to the women of her small Appalachian community for years. As their midwife, she thinks she has seen it all. Until a young woman gives birth at Ashley’s home and is abducted just as Ashley tries to take the dangerously bleeding mother to the nearest hospital. Now Ashley is on a mission to find the woman and her newborn baby . . . before it’s too late.

Hunter McDermott is on a quest—to track down his birth mother. After receiving more media attention than he could ever want for being in the right place at the right time, he receives a mysterious phone call from a woman claiming to be his mother. Hunter seeks out the aid of the local midwife in the mountain town where the phone call originated—surely she can shed some light on his own family background.

Ashley isn’t prepared for the way Hunter’s entrance into her world affects her heart and her future. He reignites dreams of having her own family that she has long put aside in favor of earning her medical degree and being able to do even more for her community. But is it commitment to her calling or fear of the unknown that keeps her feet firmly planted in the Appalachian soil? Or is it something more—fear of her growing feelings for Hunter—that makes her hesitant to explore the world beyond the mountains?


Laurie Alice Eakes ventured into the world of contemporary fiction with the writing of this book, which raises my curiosity about her previous work, which is historical in nature.  This being my first read by this author, my intent is not to criticize.

While romance is not my favorite genre, nor midwifery my favorite subject, I really enjoyed reading this book.  Eakes’ writing is squeaky clean and the faith element is consistent.  There are two points of view which sometimes alternate, and sometimes overlap, working well together in telling the story.  I identified with both of them, and they stayed with me after finishing the book.

One criteria upon which I judge a book is whether there are quotable phrases within its pages.  This book had several, for example this description of Heather on page 210:

“.. and one could have landed a spaceship in the circles beneath her eyes.”

The writing in Mountain Midwife is largely conversational and internal thoughts, which could show more depth or layering in the story, though the theme was consistent throughout.  There is a moment of self-realization for Ashley, which, though I am decades older than she, I identified with and learned from.

Though there were a small number of technical questions or criticisms, I really liked this book.  Well done, Laurie!  I love the way the book ended, much as each chapter, with enough left hanging to make the reader want to keep reading!

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers.  Opinions are my own.

My rating:  four stars

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Vessels for the Master’s Use {315/612}


January 20

Daily Proverb

 There is gold, and an abundance of rubies,

but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.

Proverbs 20:15


Daily Bible Reading:

1 Samuel 11

Psalm 8



Inspiring Hymns #315

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee; Let the water and the blood, from Thy wounded side which flowed, be of sin the double cure, save from wrath and make me pure.

Could my tears forever flow, could my zeal no languor know, these for sin could not atone; Thou must save, and Thou alone: in my hand no price I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.

While I draw this fleeting breath, when my eyes shall close in death, when I rise to worlds unknown, and behold Thee on Thy throne, Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee.

Words:  Augustus M. Toplady

Music:  Thomas Hastings

Copyright 1951

Singspiration, Inc.