heart hiding, Scripture Memorization

2016 Scripture Memorization {heart hiding 15/49}

Last  week was the unveiling of the 2016 heart hiding {Scripture Memorization} plan!  Are you excited?  I am.  But first, let’s remember to review this year’s work, 2 Corinthians 6-10, or use this time to catch up.  Please be encouraged to continue on in your memorizing, even during this busy season.  You will be blessed by God’s Word.

The remainder of the post is last week’s post, in case you were busy and missed it.  The next post will be in two weeks, and the 2016 plan begins 1.24.2016.  See you next year!

Let me encourage you, as you encourage me by your presence, to make memorizing God’s Word a priority this year.  The process of memorizing, not the results.  Leave the results with God.  You go through the process of memorizing, whatever works for you, and God will bless you my friend.

Here is the schedule for this year  2Cor11-13Schedule2016

Here is the printable for 2016   2COR11-13KJV

As mentioned last week, this is a Review week for 2 Corinthians 6-10.  I recommend using this time to catch up, or review all of the chapters if you are up-to-date.  I like to review a chapter a day for accuracy, and another for practice, in Scripture Typer.

Here’s what to expect next:

  • A one-week post break on 1.03.2016; a three-week memorizing break
  • 2016 Heart Hiding {overview} on 1.10.2016
  • heart hiding {tips & helps} on 1.17.2016
  • First 2016 heart hiding post on 1.24.2016

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