2015 Favorite Author List {Read}

This is our second year presenting the  Favorite Author List {Read} for 2015.  To compare this year’s list with last, go to Favorite Author List {Read} for 2014.


There is a link list in the sidebar with Favorite Authors.  It is based on the 4- and 5- star rating in my Goodreads’ reviews, simply a total for all books read by the author.

The Favorite Authors who are dead do not have links, and therefore are not on the link list.  The list in this post is all-inclusive, in alphabetical order.


Top Eleven by average ratings (4- and 5- stars only):

  1. Lynn Austin (5.0)
  2. Stephanie Grace Whitson (5.0)
  3. Ann Tatlock (4.5)
  4. Ann H. Gabhart (4.3)
  5. Patricia Bradley (4.0)
  6. Jan Karon (4.0)
  7.  Anne Mateer (4.0)
  8.  Eugenia Price (4.0)
  9. Miss Read (4.0)
  10. Rayanne Sinclair (4.0)
  11. Sarah Sundin (4.0)


Top Ten by total 4- and 5- star ratings for all books read:

  1. Lynn Austin (25)
  2. Miss Read (25)
  3. Ann H. Gabhart (24)
  4. Jan Karon (22)
  5. Sarah Sundin (21)
  6. Ann Tatlock (17)
  7. Stephanie Grace Whitson (15)
  8. Francine Rivers (13)
  9. Jane Kirkpatrick (13)
  10. Anne Mateer (12)


Sadly, I was only able to read for the first six months of the year, and one month at the end, and my wonderful public library source for books is gone (or rather I am gone from it).  The reviews for these books have not been posted.  I apologize for the lapse, and plan to get back on track shortly, and am hopeful to find new sources for these wonderful authors.


You may have noticed a change in the order this year.  Some series by my hitherto favorite authors were not to my liking.  You can wait for the reviews to come here, or you can check them out on Goodreads (bottom right sidebar).


Hearty thanks to these wonderful authors, for providing great reads!

Who are your favorite authors?

2015 Favorite Author List {Read}


9 thoughts on “2015 Favorite Author List {Read}

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Joyce, this is very interesting…

    As for favorite authors, right now (aside from the Bible) I primarily read Matthew Henry, specifically “Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible”. I haven’t read all of it but just parts of his thoughts on various verses in the Bible. I like to read it when having trouble understanding something or maybe just seeking another believer’s point of view. The thing I like most about his writings is you can sense the fruit of the Spirit coming through in the way he writes. He seems to have really loved the Lord. I also like that he is very very detailed and thorough.

    Best to you as you seek out new sources for your favorite authors ♥


  2. thesilverofhisfining says:

    Thank you for sharing, Karen. I love reading Bible study books too.

    I began this year reading Christian fiction (as opposed to all fiction), looking for good clean authors whose books teach Biblical truth. I was pleased to find many who fit the bill. Praying you have a good week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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