Vessels for the Master’s Use {217/300}


September 28

Daily Proverb

The whole lot is cast into the lap,

but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.

Proverbs 16:33


Daily Bible Reading:

Joshua 4

Psalm 113

I Peter


Inspiring Hymns #217

Holy is the Lord

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!  Sing, O ye people, gladly adore Him;  Let the mountains tremble at His word, Let the hills be joyful before Him;  Mighty in wisdom, boundless in mercy, Great is Jehovah, King over all.

Praise Him, praise Him, shout aloud for joy!  Watchman of Zion, herald the story;  Sin and death His kingdom shall destroy,  All the earth shall sing of His glory;  Praise Him, ye angels, ye who behold Him robed in His splendor, match-less, divine.

King Eternal, blessed be His name!  So may His children gladly adore Him;  When in heav’n we join the happy strain, when we cast our bright crowns before Him;  There in His likeness joyful awaking, there we shall see Him, there we shall sing.

Chorus:  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, Let the hills be joyful before Him.

Words:  Fanny J. Crosby

Music:  William B. Bradbury

Used by permission of The Biglow & Main Co.

Copyright 1951

Singspiration, Inc.


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