Vessels for the Master’s Use {59/300}


March 27

Daily Proverb:

 He that diligently seeketh good procureth favor;

but he that seeketh mischief it shall come unto him .

Proverbs 11:27


Daily Bible Reading:

Exodus 10

Psalm 36

1 & 2 Corinthians


Inspiring Hymns #59

I Saw the Cross of Jesus

I saw the cross of Jesus, when burdened with my sin:  I sought the cross of Jesus, to give me peace within;  I brought my soul to Jesus, He cleansed it in His blood;  And in the cross of Jesus I found my peace with God.

I love the cross of Jesus, it tells me what I am — a vile and guilty creature, saved only through the Lamb;  No righteousness, nor merit, no beauty can I plead; yet in the cross I glory, my title there I read.

I clasp the cross of Jesus in every trying hour, my sure and certain refuge, my never failing tower; in every fear and conflict, I more than conqueror am; living I’m safe, or dying, thro’ Christ, the risen Lamb.

Sweet is the cross of Jesus!  there let my weary heart still rest in peace unshaken, till with Him, ne’er to part;  And then in strains of glory I’ll sing His wondrous power, where sin can never enter, and death is known no more.

Words:   F. Whitfield

Music:  From Greek Melody

Copyright 1951.

Singspiration, Inc.


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