What to do When Your Boat Has a Hole in it {social media}


What to do When Your Boat Has a Hole in it is the second in the series of {social media} planning posts.  You can find the first post here.  Do you know what to do when Plan A goes bad?   Do you have a contingency plan?

Here’s what we learned about planning so far:

  • A plan is necessary.
  • Choose your platform.
  • Craft your message carefully for your readers.
  • Break both short term and long term goals into small steps to avoid discouragement.
  • Give yourself ample time to achieve each goal.
  • Review your goals at regular intervals to assess progress.

But, when that plan goes awry, for whatever reason, what do you do?

It may be a life circumstance that prevents you from crafting your post, or from publishing it on schedule, or from sharing it on other platforms?  It may be a timely subject, or it may be you lost your motivation for writing.  Should you give up?

Not necessarily.  There may be times when it is better to move on.  Or it may be part of the process, which will give you and your readers a step up the ladder to where you are going.

Here are some tips which will help you in continuing on with Plan B:

  • Just start writing and see what happens.  Sometimes the message is there once you start writing.  It may flow, or it may slog.  It may be short, or long.  It may be clear, or muddy.
  • Your readers may need to hear your struggle.  Perfection is not much of a teacher.  Struggle and persistence are better teachers.  Readers identify more with pain and suffering than with the absence of difficulty.
  • Is your primary goal to give glory to God?  Is God only glorified in perfection?  Is God glorified our attempts at perfection?  Can God be glorified in my struggle?
  • Maybe Plan B is better than Plan A.

Let’s elaborate on that last one.  We I struggle against pride every day.  It is a constant battle.  When I come up with a plan, it is a good one.  Can you relate?  Why do I think that my way is best, and any thing that gets in the way of it is wrong?  ouch!

Having just finished reading the book of Genesis in my daily Bible Reading Schedule, the life of Joseph is fresh in my mind.  Joseph told his brothers, you meant to harm me, but God meant it for good (my paraphrase).  Was it a mistake that Joseph was in Egypt?  That he was in prison?  That his brothers did him wrong?  No.

We may not be able to see immediately, or ever, the reason for Plan B.  I’m just saying we should run with it.  Whether it feels good or not.  Sitting still, pouting, stalling, screaming, asking why, and making a big deal over it is not productive.

I may be writing this more for myself than for you, dear reader.  This week my blog has been on hold while I deal with the death of my mother and the things which needed to be done.  Is that an excuse?  No.  Is this a good time to learn?  Yes.  Can I still write?  Sure.  Will it be productive?  Maybe not.

Can God still use it?  Yes.  God can use us any where, any time, in any condition.  His work is not dependent upon our abilities, but upon our willingness and the condition of our heart.

This is my Plan B for this post.  May God grant His will upon the reading (or trashing) of it.  I did my part.  I wrote it.  Thanks so much for reading.

After writing this, I read this verse in my morning reading:

I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind; I am like a broken vessel.  Psalm 31:12

And this verse later in the chapter:

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.    Psalm 31:24

What do you do when your boat has a hole in it?  Please share your thoughts about {social media] planning with us.


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