Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin {book review}

Lynn Austin is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve enjoyed reading a number of her books and Until We Reach Home is no exception, in fact it is the first of her books to receive a five-star rating.  This is my GoodReads book review.

Until We Reach Home


Until We Reach HomeUntil We Reach Home by Lynn Austin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Library copy. Hard to put this book down. The first hundred pages are so powerful. Hope the rest of the book can keep up with the beginning.

I love this book! Absolutely loved it. I don’t know what to say except to recommend it to everyone. It is a story of immigration, of loss, of family, of faith that grows, and relationships of all kinds. It is a compelling story masterfully told in such a way that the reader lives the story along with the characters. The story does not disappear when the book is finished. The characters and their events are that real.

Thank you, Lynn, for this excellent read! Thank you for showing the faithfulness of our God through these characters’ lives.

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4 thoughts on “Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin {book review}

  1. susanprestonbooks says:

    We have that in common… Lynn Austin.
    In fact many years ago my late husband and I read her series on Chronicles of the KIngs. It made the stories ‘real’ with the ‘flesh on’. That inspired me to my book series on early Christianity – The Apostle John series. I doubt I will ever be ‘recognised’ but I have enjoyed the discoveries I have made about the life and times of those early Christian families. Currently I am writing book 3. (Went into a hiatus after the death of my husband just over a year ago… but ‘ploughing’ through the story now.
    If you would care to look, you could even help me choose a cover. If so, please visit

    Thank you for your newsletters too 🙂


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