List of All Lists – Part 3 {Social Media}

(audible sigh)  It has been a very long time since the last post.  Click here for the List-of-All-Lists tag archive.  You are in the right place … this is the weekly Social Media category post.  Now for a refresher on this list business.

The List of All Lists - Part 3

The initial post in this series, The List of All Lists – Part 1, was written nine months ago.  Perhaps my Twitter history would put this current post in perspective with the beginning.

The List of All Lists – Part 1 was written at the beginning of the Direct Tweet Campaign, which at the time of this post is just finished.  It began soon after reaching the 500 follower goal, and ended soon after working through the first 1,000 mutual followers in the Direct Tweet Campaign.

Much of the Campaign was concentrated on authors and writers, and the first List was authors.  My first 1,000 followers are in these categories:

  • Authors
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Just Tweeters
  • Photography/Genealogy
  • Nature Lovers
  • Businesses
  • Social Media/Leadership
  • Influencers

The Direct Tweet Campaign was done by category, and shoutouts were given to those with like interests.  How Social is Your Social Media? is a related post with interesting feedback.

The goal of the Campaign was to find 400 Responders in the first 1,000 mutual followers.  I’m happy to report that there are 422 on the Responder list.

The next goal was to find 200 Engagers in the Responder list.  The number is just shy, at 190 Engagers.

The next goal is to find 100 Tweeters in the Engager list.

The final goal is 50 Supporters, mutual followers who interact, talk, share, and are genuine.

 Will you be one of them?

The overall goal of the list is summed up in the first post:

 A series of posts which introduce and promote readers, writers, bloggers, photographers, social media influencers, and Tweeters whom I have met on Twitter, mutual followers who interact as real people without an agenda, and who have something to give.

The compilation of the campaign is nearly finished.  It is a joy to have many of the beginning followers still following and interacting.  

We feel as though we know one another by now, and isn’t that the point after all?

Next month’s post will be the next List of All Lists.  What category would you like to see next?

How do you get to know your social media followers?  

Or do you only follow people you already know?  

What tips for finding great followers would you share with us today?

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