On My Nightstand {#amreading2015}

The books On My Nightstand are on my 2015 Reading List, books that I #amreading in 2015.  After a six week break from reading, I am ready to work on the list, ready to see what those characters are up to in those fabulous places I visited in 2014.

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These books are from my public library.  I’m working on those that are available there first, primarily those written by my favorite authors.  There are a few missing, whose books were not available in my library.

Authors Cindy Woodsmall and Patricia Bradley are new-to-me authors, I’m reading book two to get a better feel for their writing.

Here’s a bit about each of the books:

Lynn Austin's Until We Reach Home

Lynn Austin’s Until We Reach Home

Lynn Austin is a prolific writer of Christian historical fiction focusing on women’s stories.  She is one of my top authors.  I read Lynn’s Wonderland Creek and While We’re Far Apart in 2014.  

Until We Reach Home is about three orphan sisters who immigrate from Sweden to the U.S. just before the turn of the 20th century, seeking a better life.  I read about 100 pages yesterday, looking for a breathing space where I could put the book down.  I finally had to turn in for the night.  It is calling to me…  Whether or not I like the story, Lynn’s writing is always compelling.

Ann H. Gabhart's The Outsider

Ann H. Gabhart’s The Outsider

Ann Gabhart was a new author to me in 2014, and she came out on top of most of my author lists.  The Outsider is the first in the Shaker series.  I love Ann’s books, and am looking forward to this story of a Shaker community in the early 19th century.

Ann is the author of The Scent of Lilacs in the Heart of Hollyhill series, and Small Town Girl in the Rosey Corner series, and her Shaker series has five books.

Ann Tatlock's Every Secret Thing

Ann Tatlock’s Every Secret Thing

Ann Tatlock‘s Every Secret Thing is about a woman who faces new challenges in a familiar place, as an English teacher.  The back cover calls it “A rich, multilayered love story with memorable characters and a captivating mystery.”

One of Ann Matlock’s earlier books that I enjoyed very much is I’ll Watch the Moon.

Jane Kirkpatrick's A Tendering in the Storm

Jane Kirkpatrick’s A Tendering in the Storm

Jane Kirkpatrick is another prolific historical fiction writer specializing in women’s stories.  They are not easy reads for their characters’ lives were not easy.

A Tendering in the Storm is the second in the Change and Cherish series, of which  A Clearing in the Wild was the first.  I am anxious to read this, to find out how Emma Giesy proceeds in this new life in the northwest (U.S.) Territory.

The back cover says, “Based on a True Story  —  ….A Tendering in the Storm poignantly gives voice to a mother’s fears for her family…”.  Difficult circumstances and difficult choices.

Cindy Woodsman's When the Morning Comes

Cindy Woodsman’s When the Morning Comes

Cindy Woodsman wrote the Sisters of the Quilt series, of which When the Morning Comes is number two.  I read the first, When the Heart Cries, in 2014.

Have you read much Amish fiction?  I have not.  That is why I’m reading the second in the series, although I didn’t care much for the first.  And because this author is new to me.

Hannah Lapp has fled her Old Order Amish community for a new home, which I am eager to read about.  So many books are about a character’s past and how it effects their future.  Sounds like real life, doesn’t it?

Patricia Bradley's Promise to Protect

Patricia Bradley’s Promise to Protect

Lastly, Patricia Bradley is an author (among others) whom I met on Twitter.  She is a new author. A Promise to Protect is her second book, published in 2014.  Patricia writes in the Christian Mystery genre.

Patricia’s debut novel, Shadows of the Past was also published in 2014.  I was particularly impressed and wrote in my review,

“The faith element was beautifully done, in character, which has the greatest effect. Loved that part.”

I am looking forward to reading the second in the Logan Point series.  The books are stand alone stories with a few common characters.  Book three is due in 2015.

What books are on your Nightstand?  What books are on  your 2015 Reading List?

On my Nightstand {#amreading2015}



2 thoughts on “On My Nightstand {#amreading2015}

  1. P. T. Bradley says:

    Thank you, Joyce. I appreciate your review! As for my reading list…I have so many. Right now I’m reading James Scott Bell’s Super Structure. Fiction titles include books by Sandra Orchard, Susan May Warren, Brandilynn Collins, Colleen Coble. Great post!


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      You’re welcome, Patricia, and thank you for sharing your reading list. You’ve given great recommendations! Happy reading (and writing). P.S. I’m thrilled that my public library has your books, and so many other Christian authors’ books. ~Joyce


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