2015 Bible Reading Schedule {overview}

Drum roll, please.  It is time to unveil the 2015 Bible Reading Schedule {overview}.  It is not the same as the 2014 Bible Reading Schedule.  Similar, yet different.

DSCN8980 - Version 2

Keeping Bible Reading Fresh is where this began over a year ago.  It took a bit to get the format  workable.  We will continue with the monthly schedule and checklist in pdf format, which are posted during the last week of the month.

The complete list of pdfs for the year is found under the Bible tab, under 2015 Bible Reading Schedule, which is under the WORSHIP tab.  That page will have a link to the 2015 Bible Reading Schedule Archive as well as links to each post.

The previously published posts can be found by clicking on the 2015 Bible Reading Schedule in the tag cloud in the sidebar (not sure where that will be yet in the updated blog format).

If you are new here, or this is your first year using this Bible Reading Schedule, please read {s}Print into 2014 {Bible Reading Schedule – Part 1} to get a general overview.

Now, what are the changes?  Good question.  Glad you asked.

Chronological Narrative Books

This section has a total ‘makeover’.  I didn’t read them much at all in 2014, as the portions were way too long.  2015 is entirely new.  And it is a Week Day (five days) schedule, rather than Every Day.  Obviously that means it will take more than one year to complete.

Here’s a simple overview of the new schedule:

  • Year 1      232 chapters :  Genesis – Judges
  • Year 2     225 chapters :  Ruth – 2 Samuel, Job, Ecclesiastes – Isaiah, Hosea – Micah
  • Year 3     238 chapters :  Nahum – Zephaniah, 1Kings – 2 Chronicles, Jeremiah – Daniel
  • Year 4     192 chapters :  Ezra -Esther, Haggai – Malachi, Matthew – Acts, Revelation

One, only one, chapter per day, five days per week.  I think I can handle that.

The books are in chronological order as to their happening, not their writing.

  • Year 1    The Wanderings
  • Year 2    The Kings
  • Year 3    More Kings to Exile
  • Year 4    Post Exilic to John’s Exile

***There are no pdfs for the Chronological Narrative Books at this time.

Letters  same as 2014.     I loved reading them over and over.  How about you?

Psalms   same as 2014.  Next year I will work on this section.

Proverbs   This is Year 2 of the Proverbs schedule, which is one verse per day and continues into Year 3.  There are no pdfs for Proverbs this year.  The plan is to post the verse daily, at least on Twitter.  We’ll play that one by ear.

I suggest copying the verse for the day and sticking it somewhere visible, or putting it on your phone or computer screen, for meditating on during the day.

The first two weeks of 2015 are weeks 53 & 54 of 2014.  One verse per day begins with Proverbs 10.

The other major change is that the dates were removed on all checklists and schedules.  The monthly schedules say the name of the month, Week One, Week Two, etc.  The checklist says the name of the month and Week One and Day1, Day 2 and Week Two and Day 1, Day 2 and so forth.  That way if we get behind (or ahead) we won’t be bothering with dates.

Let me know how that works for you.

What does this Bible Reading Schedule look like?  Another good question.  Let’s take a look.

January, Week One

  • Week Days    –    Genesis 1-5    (one chapter per day)
  • Week Days    –    Letters  –  James   (part or all every day)
  • Six Days        –    Psalms 1-3    (two days per Psalm)
  • Six Days        –    Proverbs 9:10-12   (all every day)

January, Week Three

  • Week Days    –   Genesis 11-15  (one chapter per day)
  • Week Days    –   Letters  –  James   (part or all every day)
  • Six Days        –    Psalms 7-9    (two days per Psalm)
  • Six Days        –    Proverbs 10:1-6   (one verse per day)

There are four weeks until 2015 begins.  I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to implement this until the Christmas break is completely over.  I plan to begin the first full week of January.  You can begin on any day of the week you choose.  I start my week on Monday.  Whatever works for you.

I am so excited about continuing with this system of reading the Bible.  It proved to be just the variety needed to make my Bible reading fresh again.  I read the Psalms and Proverb in the morning before I go out the door and the Letter at night.  This year I plan to read that ChronNarr chapter in the middle of the day (I  work split shifts).

Whatever you do, spend some time in the Word.  The more we read it and let it soak into us, the better we will know God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and the more the Holy Spirit can teach us.  No better way to spend our time.

2015 Bible Reading Schedule {overview}


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