Love Comes Home {book review}

Love Comes Home is the third in the Rosey Corner series by Ann H. Gabhart.  I have yet to read the first book in the series, Angel Sister.   You can view the book review for the second book, Small Town Girl, which I enjoyed immensely.   To quote myself:

One of my new favorite authors (new to me) is Ann H. Gabhart. If you like clean Americana Christian fiction, I recommend her books to you. If you like accessible authors, Ann is on Twitter, and she does talk. She is also on Goodreads.


Love Comes Home is the third in the Rosey Corner series. Here is my book review in Goodreads.

Love Comes HomeLove Comes Home by Ann H. Gabhart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Library copy. Second in the Rosey Corner series, after Angel Sister and Small Town Girl.

Wow! This is a fabulous book. The author has done it again. There are so many strengths in Ann’s writing, it’s hard to know where to begin. I will admit that this book did not ‘hook’ me from the first page, or even page fifty. But once I was ‘hooked’, I didn’t even remember that about the beginning. It is just that good.

There are a good number of characters in Rosey Corner, and they all stick in my mind, even the ones who’ve passed on. Since the story is based on real life I imagine that is what life is like in a small town over the course of time. It is a wonderfully written book that can portray multiple characters well enough that the reader feels as though they know all of them.

I wrote in my review of Small Town Girl that I changed my identification from one character to another by the end of the book. Love Comes Home is mostly about Victoria, or Tori, yet the story is so intricately woven into the lives of other characters that the reader can easily identify with more than one. I wonder if this is because the characters themselves are willing to identify with the feelings of others?

This book deals with everyday events as well as extraordinary events. The story is not predictable, nor are the characters. The strong element of faith in God’s sovereignty is central in many of the characters’ lives, and is often a topic of conversation. Aunt Hattie is the most vocal about her personal relationship with God, while others are less vocal.

I don’t know what it is about this book that makes it so gripping, but I love it. Usually I can see an emotional scene coming, but this book took me totally by surprise on numerous occasions. By that I mean tears streaming down my face all of a sudden, with no warning. That is good writing, don’t you think?

I highly recommend this book, and any by this author. She writes clean, God-honoring, strong stories to which readers can relate. Thank you, Ann!

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