Snow on the Tulips {book review}


Snow on the TulipsSnow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Library copy. Recommended by, among others, Sarah Sundin. It had to be good. It is.

Snow on the Tulips is the story of a family during the Dutch Resistance in World War II. I was somewhat familiar with this period of history. The author did a great job of putting the reader right there. Sarah Sundin said the book kept her up at night. I agree. The reader lives right through the Resistance with the book characters. It is a dark story because that is what happened. But it was not hopeless.

One thing, the title. I like the title, but there were too many references to it in the book. There only need be one in my opinion.

I love this about the book: The author showed two diametrically opposed points of view regarding what was the right thing to do in this situation (the war) before God. She presented both with equal conviction, and worked the story beautifully around it. I loved that.

I could do with less romance in historical fiction. I thought it was a bit overdone, but that could be me. Overall I enjoyed the author’s style in this well told story. The glossary of Dutch words was quite helpful, and handy in the front of the book.

The best part of the book was reading the Story Behind the Story at the end. I would never have guessed that this story was taken so closely from the real events in the life of her family. She did a seamless job of turning it into a wonderfully readable story!

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