Remembering From Whence We Came {chronicle}

Not being big on anniversaries, I let my blog anniversary slip by without realizing it.  Four years ago, July 5, 2010, I wrote my first post on this blog.  This is not my first blog.  That is when I switched over to WordPress, and I’ve never been sorry.  Love it!

chronicle, four years, remembering, anniversary

Four years later. I’m on the left, my mother, and my cousin. My, how we’ve changed!

Remembering From Whence We Came {chronicle} is an important step in moving forward.  This picture is just four years after the one in my first post.  What a difference four years makes!

Where were you four years ago?  What were you doing then that you’re no longer doing?  

What are you doing now that you hadn’t started then?  What plans did you have that have yet to happen?

 What have you succeeded at?  What has God been doing in your heart?

Four years ago I had great plans for this blog and for my future.  Guess what?  They have not happened, yet.  I am still working in the same job, which was to be temporary.  I am living in a different apartment, which worked out well for awhile, but not so much now.  This blog has undergone numerous changes in hopes of ‘finding my niche’ and ‘branding’ myself, neither of which has happened.

My mother is still in the nursing home, living with the same dementia and Alzheimer’s and depression that she had four years ago.  I am still living a thousand miles away from each of my children.  Many things have not changed.

God has not changed either, for which I am thankful.  Here’s a list of the things He has been doing in the last four years:

  • Enabled me to memorize whole books of the Bible, one every year for the past three years, and part of one this year.
  • One of my boys and my son-in-law were deployed during 2010/2011.  Both came home safely, both are out of the military.  My son-in-law is gainfully employed and my son is in school.  Life is not the same, but is moving forward.  God is good.
  • My daughter and son-in-law became parents to a beautiful now almost two-year old boy.
  • The Lord provided me with a car.  I was without one in 2010, and walked everywhere for a couple of years.
  • More than 300 posts have been written on this blog in four years.
  • I joined Twitter in 2011. In the past year I have learned how to use Twitter and gained nearly a thousand followers.
  • I have met many sisters in Christ through this blog, who encourage me.
  • I have read about 200 books in the last four years.
  • I made trips to San Diego and to visit my kids several times.
  • I had a tour of an aircraft carrier!
  • My 2013 Road Trip of 3600 or so miles.  Thankful for safety and opportunity to visit childhood memories.

Now, how about you?  What have you experienced since 2010?  

How did you happen to find this blog?  How long have you been reading this blog?

 If you are a blogger, how long have you been blogging?  

We would all be delighted to hear from you in the comments.  You are the reason we are here.

Now that we have seen where we came from, let’s take a look at where we are going, shall we?

At the end of the school year, because I have summers off, I intended to get this blog well organized and rolling in a new direction, or at least more tightly in one direction, even if that meant splitting it in two, one for the reading and writing and one for the more personal things.  That has not happened, not yet.

Without getting too personal let me just say that it has been a stressful summer for me, that my attention was divided and I was not able to focus on the blog as I had hoped.  So it appears that for another year we will plod along in like fashion as we have been.  I am aware that the content is not attracting readers, or when it attracts new readers it does not hold them.  The traffic has increased because my Twitter traffic has increased, not because of blog content.

With a fair amount of prayer for wisdom and direction, that is the current situation.  I have ideas but no green lights.  I pray that God will guide my thinking according to His will, not mine, and I will wait on His timing.  I am trying to learn to be patient.

Two things are in the works, and will continue as time allows when I go back to work next week.  First, the old posts will be reworked and reposted and linked to new content, so as to give them greater exposure and relevance.  Actually, three things, because I will also continue with the 2013 Road Trip chronicle.

The third thing is a huge project, which is what I’ve been doing since last Fall.  Ultimately the purpose is to make my social media platforms work together to increase visibility.  My main platform is Twitter.

My first Twitter goal was 500 followers.  Once I hit 500 it seemed to take off, so I set a new goal of 1,000 followers, which I will soon reach.  After that I will let it ride on its own, returning follows when appropriate but not actively seeking them out, or at least that’s the plan for now.  It may change.

The project is keeping track of my mutual followers, particularly those who are responders, and putting them in categories by interest.  The basic categories are authors, writers, bloggers, just tweeters, and photographers, with a few others.  In addition to my Twitter followers I have numerous blogs which I follow.

My goal is to make these lists available on my blog, so that you may find new sources through them, and to get to know well a group of 50 likeminded people, from any or all lists or platforms.

One thing I have learned in making up my own projects is that they usually end up taking way more time than I plan for.  That being said, I will not project when this might be done.  Some of it is visible on the blog now, while I am working on it, in the sidebar.  When it is finished the lists will be on pages, rather than in the sidebar, in an organized fashion.

I won’t belabor this any longer.  If you’ve read to the end of Remembering From Whence We Came {chronicle} please give yourself credit in the comments, and thank you for your interest.  I appreciate you.



I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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