The List of All Lists – part 2 {entertaining strangers}

Last week The List of All Lists was introduced in part 1.  Today’s list will be of a slightly different nature, while staying with the theme of social media.  The immediate results of The List of All Lists – part 1 are in a follow-up post.  It raises the question of how social our social media really is, and explains the social concept of entertaining strangers.

Unseen is Eternal

In continuing the quest for social interaction, particularly in multiple social media platforms, as we are taught to do, I worked from my Twitter list of published authors.  The second platform was Goodreads.  In the process of requesting friends on Goodreads, to date I have gained 26 friends rather quickly.

Previously Goodreads has been a place for me to store lists of books, and to write reviews for my own use. Currently it is a place to meet readers and authors with similar interests, in order to compare or discuss books and get ideas.  It is becoming a community.

The project was to organize the list of Twitter mutual followers who are published authors by genre, and indicate the responders (on Twitter), and Goodreads friends.  No small task, but it is finished.  Here are the numbers:

  • Twitter Followers:  660
  • Twitter Mutual Followers:  522
  • Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors:  145
  • Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors Responders:  63
  • Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors Responders Goodreads Friends:  18

From the total Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors (145), by genre:

  • Fiction:  70
  • Non-Fiction:  44
  • Historical Fiction:  25
  • Juv/YA:  22
  • Memoir:  5
  • Mystery:  7

From the total Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors Responders (56 unique), by genre:

  • Fiction:  27
  • Non-Fiction:  16
  • Juv/YA:  12
  • Historical Fiction:  9
  • Memoir:  2
  • Mystery:  2

And finally the Twitter Mutual Followers Published Authors Responders and Goodreads Friends, by genre:

  • Fiction:  10
  • Historical Fiction:  4
  • Juv/YA:  3
  • Non-Fiction:  2
  • Memoir:  1
  • Mystery:  1


18 unique individuals for THE LIST, by genre:







The curious thing about this list is that I have only read one author, Anne Mateer, who interestingly was also on last week’s list.  I do highly recommend Anne’s books, and I value her as a Twitter follower and Goodreads friend.

This list is not, I repeat not, a recommendation for the authors’ published works.  It is a recommendation for their sociability and availability on the social platforms of Twitter and Goodreads.

The authors on this list are real people, available to their readers, who use these particular platforms.

 They have followed and friended me.

Check them out, if you do not already know them.

Check out their writing.

Check out what they read.

Read their blogs, their tweets, their reviews, get to know them.

Learn from them,

interact with them,

promote them,

pray for them,

entertain them on your platforms.

In other words, be hospitable!

Feedback, feedback, feedback please, on The List of All Lists – part 2 {entertaining strangers}.  And questions for you:

  • What have you done this week to increase your ability to socialize, to entertain strangers, on your social media platforms?
  • What have you learned?
  • Whom have you met?
  • Who has helped you?
  • What do you plan to do this coming week to be social on your social media platforms?





11 thoughts on “The List of All Lists – part 2 {entertaining strangers}

  1. Anne Mateer (@AnneMateer) says:

    Wow. I have to tell you that not only was your analysis fascinating, but I am so completely blown away by making your list! If there is anything I feel I don’t do well, it’s social media!!! It is such a joy to connect with you there. Thanks for the friendship and the encouragement!


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      What a lovely comment, Anne! Thank you, and you’re quite welcome. The thing I like most is that you aren’t afraid to be real. I am greatly encouraged, as I’m sure others are, by published authors who are personal. Thank you!


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