The List of All Lists – part 1 {entertaining strangers}

The List of All  Lists {entertaining strangers} is my newest goal in the world of social media.  This is the very beginning, the conception of the idea, the first words on the ‘page’, so to speak.  It will undoubtedly be a process, which will be explored in a series of posts, ultimately resulting in a periodic posting of The List of All Lists.


Please continue reading, even if you’re not on Twitter.  This is about social media, not just Twitter.  

{Almost called this THE TWEEP LIST, which is a Twitter follower.}

Sample list:


{randomly chosen, in random order}

  1. Marilyn @thefarmerswife
  2. Amber Lia @AmberLia
  3. Kathy Howard @KathyHHoward
  4. Elizabeth @BeautyObserved
  5. Wendy MacDonald @greenlightlady
  6. Sarah Sundin @sarahsundin
  7. Anne Mateer @AnneMateer
  8. Digby Backpackers @DigbyBackpacker
  9. Judith @WholeHeartdHome
  10. Pegg Thomas @Pegg Thomas

It began with Twitter.  It had to begin somewhere.  Before that it was just a blog, disconnected, in a corner.  Now it is becoming connected to other social media platforms.  Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest.  

It began with a few followers.  Names.  Followers.  A few talked.  Most didn’t.  Many still don’t.  That’s the way it is in the world.  There are two kinds of people.  Those who interact with transparency, and those who have an agenda, or something to hide.  Those who are just plain friendly, and those who are out to make money.  Those who give, and those who take.

The trick is finding the right people.  The ones who will support you in your venture.  Those who will give, not just take.

As the followers arrived, the list of mutual followers began.  The interest is in mutuality, not popularity.  Some were followed for their influence in various fields, such as social media, writing, photography.  Most were encouraged to follow.  Encouraged by being friendly, and thanking them for interacting or following.  Some were invited to follow {“I would be so honored if you would return the follow.”}

When the goal of 500 mutual followers was reached, the concentration was on a Direct Tweet Campaign, encouraging mutual followers to respond.  The ongoing process will result in the List of Responders.  This is yet unfinished.  Currently, this involves giving a shout out {#FF} to groups of mutual followers, usually four or five at a time, and recording those who respond.

The goal of 400 Responders is likely a good ways off.  The process may need some tweaking.  There is always much to be learned, and much that changes as one goes along.  Social media, in addition to being a brand new culture, is a fast changing one, differing with each new purveyor of the latest trend.

The language is to be learned.  Names of persons of influence are helpful.  Watching those whom you trust to see how they go about using social platforms.  Determining as best one can where there is integrity, and where it is lacking.  Who is consistent, and who changes with the tide?  And mother of all knowledge, learning to spot spam and stay on top of it.

To wrap up this post on the beginning of the process toward The {Tweep} List of All {Tweep} Lists, here is the vision of the ultimate list.  A series of posts which introduce and promote readers, writers, bloggers, photographers, social media influencers, and Tweeters whom I have met on Twitter, mutual followers who interact as real people without an agenda, and who have something to give.

Have you ever done anything like this?

 Introduced followers from one social media platform on another platform?

What are your favorite social media platforms?

13 thoughts on “The List of All Lists – part 1 {entertaining strangers}

  1. Pegg Thomas says:

    Interesting idea! There is so much to learn about social media. The first thing I learned is that it’s constantly changing. The second thing I learned is that it’s a HUGE time sink. I’m still working on a third thing. 😉


  2. sarah sundin says:

    Thank you for including me! I’m honored. Personally, I see no point to social media if it isn’t actually social. Accumulating followers just to have numbers…? Why? I’d rather have a smaller number of mutual followers who are truly interested in each other. Thank you for promoting this “radical” concept 🙂


  3. elizabethbeautyobserved says:

    You are very kind to include me! Thank you! I am still learning Twitter. I’m in the learning, hoping to not offend category. lol There are a few people who have reached out to me on Twitter and you are one of them! Thank you!


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