Let’s Mingle {Social}

Let’s Mingle {Social}

Let’s Mingle {Social} is replacing the Sharing category on Saturdays.  It is a community of readers, writers, bloggers, social media people, and anyone interested in those of us who are, or aspire to be, one or more of those titles.  It is not for the purpose of personal relationship, except in the pursuit of writing, blogging, and learning about social media.  It is for the purpose of a supportive community in learning and growing in these means of communicating the written and spoken word.

let's mingle {social}, hospitality

That being said, I want to express my excited anticipation in the future of our corner of the blogosphere {jumping up and down}.  Somehow in the midst of the discouragement and confusion of the past few weeks, God has lifted my spirits, and enabled me to focus on the big picture, and kept me moving forward.  I’m not putting my confidence in the results.  I am confident in the process, and I am beginning to get the picture of the process as a whole.

I am excited to be having conversations with people, mostly women but men are welcome too, about what is going on here or where they write.  I am looking forward to many more conversations in the future and integrating those whom I follow on Twitter and Pinterest with those who read here.  What platforms do people use the most? How and when are they best used?  I plan to share what I learn with you here, as well as on those platforms.  And I plan to listen to your concerns and suggestions as you navigate social media, the world of blogging, and writing in general.

This post is of necessity more about me than I would like.  I hope that you will catch the excitement, or share your own here.  If you are new here and would like me to check out your sites, please use the contact form or tweet me.  At some point my lists will be posted here to share with others.  (At this point my Twitter lists are private.)

So, what questions would you like to see pursued?  

How can this blog serve you as a community of writers, in an informal way?  

How can we encourage one another?


To give you an idea of the size of this community, I will share my numbers with you, with the understanding that I am not doing this for the numbers.  However, I don’t know any other way to show you what has been happening.  In the next post I will share some suggestions for growing followers, things that work for me.


  • September 2013    Twitter Followers:  18      Mutual Followers:  12
  • November 2013      Twitter Followers:  53
  • My goal for April 2014 was 150 new followers in 150 days.
  • December 2013:   Twitter Followers:  100
  • January 2014:  Twitter Followers:  134   Mutual Followers:  106
  • February 2014:  Twitter Followers:  203   Mutual Followers:  150       GOAL REACHED
  • New goal for April 2014:  250 Total Followers.
  • March 2014:  Twitter Followers:  512   Mutual Followers:  386           GOAL REACHED


  • November 2013:  Pinterest Followers:  62
  • March 2014:  Pinterest Followers:  112

As you can see I am just getting started, just beginning the process of developing my audience and my support team.

UPDATED March 27, 2014   —  Forgot to publish this so it’s a little out of date, but still part of the process.  This was written on the 15th of March.

The name of the category, Let’s Mingle, is changed to ENTERTAIN STRANGERS, or HOSPITALITY.

As long as I am here updating, let me say a little something about growing followers.

  • To gain followers, you must first follow.
  • Choose tweeters with the same interests.
  • Choose to follow tweeters who are following more than are following them.
  • Be patient. It takes some of us awhile to catch up to our new followers.
  • Always say thank you and make a personal comment to your new followers. This will be the beginning of your new friendship, which you hope will last.
  • To find followers, look at one (or more) of your followers list of followers.
  • Don’t follow too many at once. They just might all follow you back!
  • Be friendly. Read your followers’ tweets and comment. Be a conversation starter.



I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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