A Lot of Not So Happy {a blogging editorial}

{I wrote this awhile back, but it still stands.  There are many things to be learned about life, my friend.  Read on.}

This is random, {a blogging editorial}, just as I am thinking about this and need to vent.  It is about blogging.

A Lot of Not So Happy, a blogging editorial

First of all, let me say that I am not checking my blog stats just for the numbers.  I do not have a goal of how many followers or visits I aim to receive on my blog.  But I do check the stats, partly just because they are there, and as a barometer for how my blog is doing, and what is the source of my traffic, and to learn how this whole thing works.

Since Christmas the comments have dropped way off, and the visits are sporadic.  I seem to have lost my audience.  That is why I decided to allow my blog to be open to search engines, where previously it was hidden from them.  Doing so has not done much, if anything, to increase traffic.  But I have learned something.  Something which gives me A Lot of Not So Happy.

I need to back up a minute.  It is intentional, purposefully done, that I do not have a like button on my posts.  I prefer a comment to a click of a button.  If you really like what my post says, surely you have a thought which you could spare a minute to share.  That’s my thinking anyway.  I don’t generally use like buttons on blogs.  I do on Twitter, but that’s different.

Back to the present.  When I opened my blog up to search engines, I began getting notifications that individuals were liking my post(s).  How does this work?  There is no button to click on my posts.  Where are they liking?  The answer, I believe, is in the WordPress Reader.  The Reader allows WordPress users to read other blogs and like or comment on them, without entering the blog site.  Ha!

Why would anyone do this?  I don’t believe, or I should say that I highly suspect, the person is actually reading my post(s).  I did a bit of investigating, and I believe I have found the answer.  It is a baiting tactic, to get me to click on their site, to increase traffic to their blog.  Who would do that?  Why would you, in your quest to increase your own traffic, not bothering to enter the other person’s site…   infuriating….

{I have since learned, or guessed, that likes can be automated, as most anything can these days.  I have received notification that someone liked my post immediately after it was published, before anyone had time to read it.}

Yes, my friend, there are people out there who misuse things.  These are not spammers.  We cannot prove what they are doing.  How do you prove someone’s motive?  It is disappointing and discouraging and it motivates me to want to be smarter and get my blog moving so that it has a healthy flow of traffic to offset this.

In the meanwhile I will continue learning how these things work.  There is a wealth of information from people who have gone before me, which takes time to assimilate.  If you are a regular reader of any blog, I encourage you to always click into the blog to read, so that the blogger may be encouraged by your presence.  It is not always easy to write words that go out into cyberspace, not knowing where or if they will be read and by whom.  I suppose that is no different from a published book, whose author has no idea where or when or by whom it will be read.  I will concentrate my effort on making my words worth the reader’s while to read.

What is your opinion on the Like button?

Does it bother you that blogging is being used as a marketing tool?

What suggestions do you have?

 A Lot of Not So Happy {a blogging editorial}

Surely if you have read this far you are a faithful reader, and I thank you.  I am learning and growing from this experience daily, and it helps me learn to trust things to my heavenly Father.  ~  Changing things up a bit.  This is the new Monday post, which is under the Writing category.


10 thoughts on “A Lot of Not So Happy {a blogging editorial}

  1. Deb says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Like Button: I’m not sure i have an opinion on Like buttons. Of course, I don’t like spammers using Likes to get folks to go to their sites, but my Typepad blog doesn’t have a Like button feature unless I just don’t know about it. i don’t usually click on Likes on other blogs.

    Marketing Tool: For a long time I made sure that my blog posted on feeds with the first few lines so folks would for sure click over to my blog. My main reason for doing this wasn’t so much that I would have more identified hits on my blog and increase stats…it was mostly so the people who clicked over would see the Scripture at the top of the left sidebar. I love the Bible verse about His Word not returning void and accomplishing His purpose. So…I really WANTED everyone who read the blog to click over not just to read the whole post but to read the scripture.

    I had several folks advise me to make the blog the full post on feeds because it was annoying to them to always have to click over to read the whole post, but I always explained what I just wrote in the above paragraph. Scripture was the main thing, and that’s what drove me!

    I’m not sure what caused a change of heart, but after I enabled the blog to post the entire post on the feed readers, I received several Thank You comments from bloggers saying they were so glad that I had the entire post to appear in readers….it saved them time when reading blogs not to have to always click over.

    I think a lot of blogs use a portion of a post in a reader as a marketing tool because these blogs have SO MANY ads which help the bloggers earn money…I’m sure the more visitors to the blog itself (rather than just reading in a feed) increases traffic to all the ads. I’m not sure it bothers me when bloggers use ads as I’m sure they’re trying to earn $$.

    But I have to admit that the few blogs on my reader which post just a portion of their posts I tend to just ignore the posts a lot of times rather than clicking over to read the whole post. It has to REALLY gain my interest in those couple of lines for me to bother clicking over.

    I’m not sure what suggestions i would have for you, Joyce. Sometimes blog readers have an interest in a blog subject and sometimes they don’t. If I don’t have an interest, I just skip over the post and don’t bother clicking over to the blog or even think about commenting–no reflection on you though or your writing. I can’t really say why your readers/commenters have slacked off. I’d suggest just continue blogging casually instead of trying too hard and post regularly but not so many posts that your readers can’t keep up.

    Maybe someone else will comment with their thoughts that will help.


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Thanks for your insight, Deb. I do the same thing in my reader. But for certain blogs I just go to the blog periodically and read all the posts I’ve missed, no matter the subject, because I care about the person and am interested in whatever they have going on. I don’t always comment on every post, but I read them.

      I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, to blog casually. If things go as planned, you will see why I post so often.
      I really appreciate you taking time to lend your input. Have a great day, Deb!


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I’ve been generating a little more traffic, but understanding that people can read without being counted helps too. My goal, which keeps evolving, is interaction, whether it be here or on social media.


  2. senkyoushi says:

    I know people like my post from time to time, but I have no idea how it works. When you figure it out, I hope you’ll share with the rest of us. Every time I start to figure some things out, they change the way it works. =0


  3. elainemanders says:

    You know more about blogging than I do. I’m a writer and I write the blog about something I know about, budgeting, and believe there are people out there who might find it useful, but I don’t do anything to try to find them and don’t have time to follow many blogs or like them because I write novels and that takes up most of my time. When I get a book published I’ll start a blog to market it. Until then I’m just honing my skills. I wish you blessings. No effort to broadcast the word of God is in vain.


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Thanks, Elaine. So glad you visited here, and followed me on Twitter. I would do better to get to my writing, but I wanted to figure this end of it out first, which I hope will help with marketing, should I ever get the writing done 🙂 Yes, the Word of God takes priority over any other word(s). ~Joyce


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