Tweeting for Real {twitter tutorial #9}

Welcome to Twitter Tutorial #9, where we are Tweeting for Real!  This is social media learning for those over the age of 50, the Baby Boomer Generation.  This is where we learn as we go along, not waiting for the course to be over before beginning.  This is where we learn to jump right in with the young ones, and just do it.  Where we learn to learn in a fashion different from what we traditionally learned how to learn.  Are you with me?

Tweeting for Real, twitter tutorial, social media

Tweeting for Real {twitter tutorial #9}                                  social media for the over 50 crowd

 Privacy concerns on Twitter.

What if I want to have a private account?  I know that it is possible to have a private twitter account.  If you have a group of family or friends who want to use it to keep in touch, that is possible.  My account is public.  I have requested to follow a few people whose accounts are private, usually because they are following me, and have not had a response.  Maybe some of you could enlighten me as to how a private account works.

Can I stop someone from following me on Twitter?  What if I am uncomfortable with who is following me?

Yes, you can block a follower from following you.  You can also report a follower as inappropriate.

How do I find Twitter users who are interested in what I’m interested in?

I thought I had found somewhere to look for followers by category, but I don’t remember where it is.  Right now I am reading retweets by my mutual followers, and checking out the people whose tweets they are retweeting.  I have a list of possible followers which I will work from, people who follow my mutual followers.

This article from my Twitter feed, by Mary Green, has a list of ways to find new followers.  I’m working my way down the list as I write this.  I’m currently using method 2, which I will explain here.  In Twitter click on #Discovery at the top of your screen.  From the drop down list, choose Who to follow.  The suggestions are based on who you are currently following.

There is another method, which I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned.  When reading tweets, read the comments of other followers (of your follower, not you).  Click on their name, check them out.  Chances are pretty good if you’re following the same person, you have something in common.  And, from this method, you already know they like to interact.

Yesterday when a few new people returned my follow, I sent one tweet to all of them, including the mutual follower from whose list I found their names.  She favorites my tweet.  Finally!  I think I’ve got it!

Should I follow back everyone who follows me on Twitter?

No.  Only follow those people you have a common interest in and feel comfortable following.

When should I retweet?  What should I retweet?  How often should I tweet?

Entirely up to you.  Today was the first day I have thought I may have tweeted more than necessary, enough to be annoying.  It depends who you listen to, what they say is a good number of tweets.  Some people retweet by the boatload, all at once.  Other people spread them out at regular intervals.  Some people do them by hand, while others schedule them ahead.  Whatever you are comfortable with, and think that your followers will enjoy.

How do I schedule my tweets?

I use TweetDeck to schedule my tweets, when I do schedule them.  I use both TweetDeck and Twitter to ‘read’ my tweets.  I like TweetDeck because I can see the feed from several lists on my computer screen at once.  If you are using a smartphone or iPad, that may not work as well.

How do I keep up with twitter without spending all my time on it?

Set the timer.  I haven’t done this yet, but I’ve heard others say to do this.  It’s the same as any social media platform — it will eat up your time if you let it.  You have to determine what is a good amount of time for yourself, and set your limit!

I hope these Q&As have been helpful.  I don’t claim to have the answers for anyone else, but I am happy to share what works for me, at this point at least.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or share opinions in the comments or email, as relates to your experiences with Twitter.  What new things have you been learning in regards to social media?

I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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