Tweeting for Real {twitter tutorial #7}

Ah, the sweet smell of success!  {or whatever the saying is; I’m over 50 and can’t remember}.

Welcome to Twitter Tutorial #7, where we are Tweeting for Real!  This is social media learning for those over the age of 50, the Baby Boomer Generation.  This is where we learn as we go along, not waiting for the course to be over before beginning.  This is where we learn to jump right in with the young ones, and just do it.  Where we learn to learn in a fashion different from what we traditionally learned how to learn.  Are you with me?

Tweeting for Real, twitter tutorial, social media

Tweeting for Real {twitter tutorial #7}                      

           social media for the over 50 crowd

Now, there are a few things on my mind.  The first is this.  Please let me know in the comments or by email (click here or on Contact) if these tutorials are confusing, or if you have a question.  I’ll do my best to clarify and answer any questions in future posts.

Secondly, I have been learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords and Google Analytics this week.  These are tied in to Twitter use, however, if you find it confusing please let me know.

That being said, let’s say this.  Tweeting can be done without blogging, without being tied to a blog. You can be a Twitter user without owning a blog.  However, and I do mean however.   In my opinion, having a blog and a Twitter account will strengthen the function of each.  Or any other social media options.  I have Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and Tumblr and blogs.  Everything I have learned so far has told me to use multiple social media platforms, because they strengthen each other.

That is if you want to make a name for yourself, or if you want an online presence, or you want to increase your following, or you want to make money, or you want to increase your audience.  That is why we are here, is it not?

Bottom line in social media is your online presence, and, like it or not, Google is the biggest curator of online presence (my own terminology).  Whether or not one agrees that SEO is important, Google is big, Google controls what comes up in online searches, and if we want to be seen or heard, we must play to Google’s rules.

That being said, I want to make it clear that I am not a fan of Google.  When I moved my multiple blogs from Blogger to it was with the intention of getting out of the octopus reach of Google.  Little did I know! that is practically impossible.  {You will notice that my email is still}

It is not about Google.  It is about their size.  I like the little guy.  I’m quite satisfied with  I am looking to go to a self hosted site this year, with WordPress.  I do not have a Google Plus account.  Yet what I hate about Google’s size, is what I need for my blog to gain an audience, and what I need if it is going to be lucrative.  I am caught between a rock and a hard place.  I love privacy, yet I need to be public.  So I am diving right in.

Back to Twitter Tutorial #7, Tweeting for Real.

Today I am attempting to implement the things I learned on this video, How to Effectively use Keywords on Your Blog, by Crystal VanTassel and Kelli Miller.

The short of it is this:  how to use keywords in your blog so they will be seen by Google Analytics.  Now I do not have access to Google Analytics (yet).  I have some analytics on WordPress, but not the kind Google gives about keywords.  So I am using the trial and error method in my search window, searching for my own posts.

The first thing I noticed was a Twitter tweet showing up.  Interesting.  Proof that a second platform helps.  But what I was most excited about was this.  After using Crystal and Kelli’s method for inserting keywords in my blog post, my twitter tweet of my blogpost is more than just a link!  BINGO!  Who knew?  No one told me that.  It just worked!  Love when things work.  Here’s a screen shot of my tweet.

tweeting for real, twitter tutorial #7, social media

This is the first time I’ve tweeted my blog post, had it show the summary and the image that’s in the blog post all in one place!  Success!  I believe that’s because I actually put the keywords in the image title  and alt title.  

Now, as to the Twitter side of things.  If I would retweet this (or just tweet it again) using keywords such as #scripturememorization — this I have yet to work on — I would have a wider audience.  There is so much more to learn folks.  We are just beginning!

Tweeting for Real {twitter tutorial #7}, social media


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