Follow us on Twitter {twitter tutorial #6}

Have you tried Twitter yet?  Are you like the rest of us, and wonder if it’s worth the effort of learning another social media platform?

I read an interesting article this week, about the life expectancy of social media platforms.  The general length of previous social platforms has been ten years.  The author cited MySpace as an example.  She predicts that Facebook, which began ten years ago, will not last.  Twitter, on the other hand, is fairly young.  I think you should give it a whirl.  What do you say?

This is Twitter Tutorial #6, and we’d love for you to Follow us on Twitter!  We are no social media experts, but we are sharing what we have learned and are learning from experience, particularly geared for the over fifty crowd.

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Now, this tutorial is out of order as far as when it is being written.  So if it contradicts anything said in future tutorials, we’ll deal with that later.  When they are completed, I will go back and edit them for future use, and archive them.

This week I have started working on a new project for Twitter.  I came to the point of frustration because only one or two of my followers was interacting with me.  So I did a couple of things to try and up the interactions.

First, I made a handwritten list of all of my mutual followers, meaning I follow them and they follow me.  Then I alphabetized the list, just for easier handling.  I had 122 mutual followers when I started doing this.  Then I grouped them in groups of four, in order to tweet four at a time, rather than individually.

So, the plan is to tweet four people at once, three groups per day, at different times (morning, noon, evening), for ten days, and repeat, for a total of three times per person per month.  Twelve people per day.  The first two days I got seven responses out of twenty-four.  The third day I got five responses out of twenty (forgot to do the evening one).  Roughly a 25% response rate.  Not bad.

My tweets were quite general:  Have a blessed day.  Hope your weekend is relaxing.  May God give you a restful night, etc.  Just something to elicit a response, hopefully.  Eventually, when I get to know them, it will be more specific to them.

Secondly, as if that project weren’t large enough (smile), I started looking at the list of people following a couple of my favorite followers.  That proved to be more useful.  By following people who follow people who have already interacted with me, I had a much higher success rate in getting followed back.  In fact, I spent a good portion of the evening getting to know a lady in Newfoundland, which was thoroughly enjoyable.

The result of this project, in one afternoon, was gaining seven new followers.  All together I have gained nineteen mutual followers in the five days since starting the first project.  That is a lot for me.  The best part is that they are people with whom I share some interest, not just random people who are looking for anybody to follow them.  {I can’t tell you how often that happens.  It’s ridiculous.}

My mutual followers now stand at 132.  I am following 249, and 182 people are following me.  My goal is to get 200 followers {by April}, 150 mutual followers with shared interests.  I read somewhere this week that 150 is the magic number.  Any higher and you really can’t remember who people are.

In case you’re wondering, I am writing this, not because there are no tutorials on social media out there in blogland, but because I have yet to see any written by and for Baby Boomers, particularly those of the over 55 set.  {This year the youngest Boomers turn 50.  Ha!}

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2 thoughts on “Follow us on Twitter {twitter tutorial #6}

  1. WholeHearted Home Judith Kowles says:

    Baby Boomers are the Best!! I enjoyed this and maybe I’ll come back and read another post on twitter once I take a break from what I am doing 🙂 I liked your idea of writing a tweet to four people several times a day. The interaction sounds fun especially when you get to know someone new.


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