On My Nightstand {2014 Reading List}

What am I reading?  Here’s what is On My Nightstand, so to speak.  First, I do not have a nightstand, but my mother’s old trunk, which came from Nova Scotia in 1923 on the boat to Boston.  And second, because I am reading a digital copy of a  book borrowed online from my public library.  Yes, I am.

reading, books, on my nightstand

Ann H. Gabhart’s Words Spoken True is a novel about a young woman, her betrothal, her father’s newspaper business, their competition’s editor, and the issues of the day, slavery and women’s rights.

I found the author on twitter.  Her handle is Kentucky Storyteller.  When I checked my local library (online) for her books, and this digital copy was the only one.  So I ‘checked it out’.  I’ve already had to ‘check it out’ again because it was returned.  That’s the good thing about digital books — can’t lose them!  But you only have them for a week.  I am hurrying through it now before it disappears again.

I also started reading a non-fiction book which is on my 2014 Reading List.  Not the favorite Christian authors fiction list, but the list of books that I own which have been on my shelf for awhile.  It is former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s book, Power to the People.  I’ve only been reading it when I have to sit on the bus for an hour or so.  It’s not compelling reading, nor is it bedtime reading, but it is a good read.

What have you been reading?  I think I’ve been spending more time online than I have been reading.  I don’t read as much when I read e-books.  It’s not as enjoyable or relaxing as holding a book in my hand.  Maybe if I had an e-reader I would get used to it.  I read them on my laptop.

And, speaking of reading and authors, I happened to ‘meet’ a new one online this week.  I truly don’t go looking for these opportunities, they just happen.  I found her on Ann Voskamp’s blog, doing a guest post.  It was wonderful, and I was amazed when I went to her website and read her About page.  The similarities in our lives was amazing.

Her name is Leslie Leyland Fields.  She is an Christian writer of non-fiction, a teacher of writing,  and she lives in Kodiak, Alaska.  If you have a few minutes I recommend that you check her out.  I haven’t read any of her books (yet), but her online writing is fabulous.  I put a hold on one of her books at my public library.

What do Leslie and I have in common?  For starters we grew up in New Hampshire, about an hour apart, and we both went to Kodiak to live as newlyweds, only she stayed much longer than I.  There are a few other things, but I’ll leave you with those for now.  Have a great week!


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