Follow us on Twitter {twitter tutorial #5}

Do you have a favorite follower?  Of those you follow, who is your favorite?

Here’s my favorite professional, for business, Twitter follower (I have to look and see if he follows me).  No, he doesn’t.  He has, at this time, 209,747 followers, and only follows 174.  He is Michael Hyatt.  His business is teaching Intentional Leadership.  His tweets are mostly business, but he is adept at using them to let his followers see him as a real person.

This is Twitter Tutorial #5, and we’d love for you to Follow us on Twitter!

twitter photo: Twitter twitter.jpg

Many professional athletes and celebrities use Twitter.  I don’t follow any, but have read conflicting views.  I did see a number of them when the Red Sox won the World Series.  They did a superb job of keeping the rest of us informed as to what we could not see for not being there.  The chief argument for public figures not using social media is that they may say something embarrassing (or worse) when under the influence of something.  C’est la vie!

Okay, so you have a following, and you are finding new people to follow who are returning your follow, people with whom you share something in common beside your particular social media platform.  Now what?  Here are some common questions:

  • How do you Tweet?
  • What do you tweet about?
  • How often should you tweet?
  • When should you tweet?

The simple answer is, tweet about whatever you want, whenever you want, and as often as you feel like it.  Play it by ear, try doing it when it’s convenient for you, and see if you get a response.  Maybe you just want to say something without a response.  That’s okay too.  Just know that just because you don’t get a response, doesn’t mean no one is reading your tweets.

The ‘experts’ will tell you which hours of the day are best to Tweet.  Which, if you tweet globally, can get pretty messy, since it is always tomorrow somewhere.  Personally, I think each person can decide what works best for them and their followers.  Obviously you want to tweet when people will ‘hear’ you.

What about responding to other people’s tweets?  The simplest response is to favorite it, which is the equivalent of a Facebook like.  Or you can retweet it, which reposts their tweet as yours.  In which case you would hope the person would thank you, if not at the time, sometime during the week.  And you can reply to the tweet, either to the one who wrote it or to a group.

One thing I have learned about Twitter is that on Friday people give shout outs to their favorite followers, to give them more exposure.  This is something new which I need to work on.  If someone gives you a hashtag of #ff, it is considerate to respond by thanking them.  This is where TweetDeck comes in handy, because it shows you when someone else mentions you.

And which brings up the topic of hashtags, which I might learn about from some of you.  I know what they are, but have not used them.  I started using them on Pinterest until I read somewhere else that they are not necessary.  There’s only one thing worse than learning all this stuff, and that’s having to unlearn or relearn it!

Hashtags are the same as tags in a blog.  They help people find things on a certain topic.  As to how to use them in Twitter, I need to learn that myself.  That is a topic for another post.

Never at a loss for words, I now have written — no, I won’t tell you the number — sufficient words to break this up into several posts (smile).  If you have read to the end of these (so far), send me an email and tell me what you think.  Of Twitter, not of what I think.

In case you’re wondering, I am writing this, not because there are no tutorials on social media out there in blogland, but because I have yet to see any written by and for Baby Boomers, particularly those of the over 55 set.  {This year the youngest Boomers turn 50.  Ha!}

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I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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