Hurry Up, Will You?!!

Hurry Up, Will You?!! If it seems like I’m in a hurry, I am. Just about the time I think I have figured something out in the world of internet, blogging, social media, or technology, things change. And change is difficult enough when you know how to do something already. When you haven’t quite gotten it figured out, and it changes, it’s more than difficult.

Really, honestly?  I would rather do things at a slower pace.  But this one thing I have learned in the world of technology, I will be left behind if I am too slow.  So hurry along, please!

social media, pinterest

Pinterest.  There are no dates on pinterest, and I’m not sure how long I’ve been using it.  Somewhere around two years or a little longer.  Easy to use.  No directions.  Just figure it out as you go.  Unless you want to use it for your profit.  Unless you want to drive traffic to your blog, to increase your readership.  Then there are special things to do.

I first learned this when reading Ruth Soukup’s ebook about blogging for profit.  Which reminds me, I neglected to do a review on that book.  But then that would acknowledge ebooks as real books, wouldn’t it? ha!  {In content, maybe, but you can’t hold it in your hand.  It’s like a baby in a test tube.  Hardly real.}

So today I first heard about an account manager called PinWoot.  Looks like it started in November of 2013.  It has 1.3 million users already, increasing by the second.  They only have 3,000 twitter followers, none of whom I follow.  But I digress…

PinWoot is a Pinterest account manager.  Users earn ‘seeds’ which ‘buy’ followers, or something like that.  I watched the video, but need to watch it again as it was all new to me.  And I’m not quite ready for that yet.  That’s why I need to hurry up.

This is where I am.  About the time I started using Pinterest, I also started a Tumblr blog.  If you don’t have a Tumblr blog, please don’t worry.  I’m getting rid of mine.  I’ll tell you why in a minute.  Basically I used my Tumblr blog to collect pictures, much like Pinterest, only they are not in any organized fashion.  You follow other blogs and other blogs follow you, much like Pinterest.

But, and this is similar to Pinterest, both Tumblr and Pinterest have a problem in that they allow the user to repin or repost pictures that do not belong to them, without the source.  So when I reflagged a picture on Tumblr, and then pinned it to Pinterest, I lost the link to the source, and it looked like I owned the picture.

{Let me clarify.  Pinterest is better at keeping the source with the pin.  However, there is a pin it thing which you can put on your browser which allows users to pin things which the owner retains the rights to.  It makes it too easy to take someone’s stuff, in other words.  Steal or use without permission.)

Consequently I have this huge project of fixing all the pins that came from Tumblr, and eventually deleting all the pictures from my Tumblr blog, at least the ones with no source.  Because, you see, I did not understand all of this for the first year or two I was using it.  Now I am going back and cleaning up the mess I created.  Before I move on.  Hoping to get it done before things change.

534 words, just to say that. Oh my.

Let me clarify what I mean by source.  Another Tumblr blog is not an original source.  I am looking for the photographer who took the picture.  If I cannot find it, I am deleting it.  Most of them are on Flickr.  If the photo has a Pinterest share button, I am pinning it.  If it does not, I am deleting it.

Some of the photos come from articles on blogs other than Tumblr, or from newspaper articles.  Those will need to be checked out later.  A few are from the web site of the subject of the photo.  Those are okay too.  And a few are from TripAdvisor.  If I had known any of this, or if I had thought about what I was doing when I started, I would not have all this work to do.

I remind myself again, that it is about the process,

about being accountable to my God,

and not my peers,

and dealing with my constant messes is just life.  

Why God should choose to go through this with me, is beyond me.  

Why He is so merciful to me, is a great mystery,

for which I am very, very thankful.

792 words:  I should be writing a novel…


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