Follow us on Twitter {twitter tutorial #4}

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How do you decide whom to follow?  What are you looking for in a follower?

May I share with you how I decide whether or not to follow someone on Twitter (also when to un-follow)?  I may have said this already, but it bears repeating.  Only two of my mutual Twitter followers are people I know in the real world (one is my son).

That being said, I am ‘meeting’ a great number of people for the first time.  So I want to check them out, get to ‘know’ them a little, before I commit to following them, and having their tweets cross my TweetDeck (that’s a topic for another post).

First, if they have a blog, I check it out.  I read their About page.  I look for a photo.  And sometimes I have to hunt for a name.  (I know, my name is not readily visible either.)  And then I read a post or two.  I decide if the person is using their blog for promoting their brand (themselves) or other businesses.

In some cases I will follow a business blog, or one which is professional in nature, if I can learn from it, or am interested in the product.  I  generally am not looking to follow a business, but have found a number of them to be more personal than individuals.  Being real sells.

I have certain things I am looking for:

  • Christian women
  • more over fifty than under
  • not so much in the stage of raising children (unless their focus is on something else)
  • and no couponing blogs (tried that)
  •  I think on a given day I may have more criteria, but that’s what comes to mind.

Occasionally someone will impress me, though they do not meet my criteria, and I will follow them.  I do follow some men and some businesses which I have no interest in, for example.  Mostly I am looking for people who are real, who will interact, who are personal with their followers.

Another thing I look at is how many people they are following and how many followers they have.  Generally I want to follow people who will return my follow.  But occasionally, as in the case of a celebrity (such as the Red Sox), I will follow someone who has tons of followers and does not follow them back.  If it’s something worth my while, I will follow.

The ideal is to have the same number of followers as the number of people who are following you.  On the other hand, sometimes I follow someone with a huge number of followers, just so I can watch them and see how they use Twitter.

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