Hiking Mt. Kearsarge {2013 Road Trip}

This post continues on from Going Home {2013 Road Trip}.  If you are new here, this road trip took me back to where I grew up in New Hampshire.  This is day one driving in NH.

We ended with Lake Sunapee.  Now it is on to Mt. Kearsarge in Warner, before we make our way to West Lebanon.   As in the last post, this will be mostly photos.  I have 55 pictures of Mt. Kearsarge.  I will try and cut it down so as to not bore you.  I really enjoyed my hike, though it wasn’t easy, and a storm was brewing.

Notes:  To see a larger picture, click on photo, then click on arrow to scroll through.

The auto road goes quite far over and up (steep) the mountain, with just a “short” hike at the end – ha!  The “path” was rocky, where the spring water rushes down from the melting snow.  There was one lookout on the path partway up, and a different one on the way down (different path).

It was quite windy on top.  I resisted the temptation to climb the fire tower, since I was alone (fear of heights), and the view was fantastic just on the rock top.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but there was a picnic table in a sheltered place on top of the mountain.  Love to go back some day, with a picnic and some friends.  Soooo beautiful, don’t you agree?


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