2014 Reading List {Fiction}

What books do you plan on reading in 2014?

Do you plan what you will read, or just read what happens along?

Some of my favorite authors' books.

Some of my favorite authors’ books.

This 2014 Reading List of Fiction books is a first.  Usually I go to the library, find what I like, bring home a big stack, and proceed to read.  No plan.  Not this year.  Change of plan!  To read more on how the list came to be, read last week’s post, Reading Priorities {What I Learned}.

That being said, here is the plan. Specific authors, chosen for their clean writing style, clean content, moral characters, and in most cases a strong element of faith being lived in a character’s life.  Faith being a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that is.

My authors are:
Lynn Austin
Wendell Berry
Jack Cavanaugh
Maureen Lang
Miss Read
Ann Tatlock
Stephanie Grace Whitson
Jeanette Windle

My books are:

Congo Dawn by Jeanette Windle

Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang

 I’ll Watch the Moon  by Ann Tatlock

 Village Diary by Miss Read

 Walks the Fire  by Stephanie Grace Whitson

 While We’re Far Apart  by Lynn Austin

 Miss Clare Remembers  by Miss Read

The Colonists  by Jack Cavanaugh

 On Sparrow Hill  by Maureen Lang

 Things We Once Held Dear  by Ann Tatlock

 Village Christmas  by Miss Read

 Jaber Crow  by Wendell Berry

 Soaring Eagle  by Stephanie Grace Whitson

 My Father’s God  by Lynn Austin

 Over the Gate  by Miss Reed

 The Patriots  by Jack Cavanaugh

They are mixed up on purpose, in the order in which I will read them, but without time constraints.  I could read this number of books rather quickly, but I’d prefer to spread them out over the year so that I remember the stories.  The plan is not about finishing, but rather about reading specific authors, and these are the next books of these authors which I have yet to read.

All of these books are available through my public library, but some of them will have to be put on hold in order to get them from other libraries in the system.  I am very thankful that our library system has such a wide selection of Christian literature available.  Not all public libraries do.  If your church has a library, you may be able to find good authors there.  Mine does, but so far I’ve only used the public library.


6 thoughts on “2014 Reading List {Fiction}

  1. koralee says:

    Good for you…lots of good reads in that pile. I LOVE to read and usually only find time in the Summer months as I teach school and that is when I have 2 months off to read whatever I like…enjoy.


  2. MomRedeemed says:

    Just want to say, I like that you consciously created a list based on moral characters, clean writing etc. My job is at a library & I come across many authors & often put a book down after an unpleasant surprise. I tend towards the classics & biographies. I will have to try a few of your suggestions when I get time. With two active boys my reading moments are at a premium.


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I couldn’t have done this, nor did I think to, when my children were small. My plan is to showcase these good authors and their works from time to time, in order to help other readers find them. God bless you in your ‘premium’ reading moments 🙂 ~Joyce


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