Bible Reading Schedule {Week 2}

2014 Bible Reading Schedule

So how is January going for you so far?  I have to say that I did not read all of the portions of the schedule last week, but what I read was awesome.  I decided not to read the Old Testament portions, which are so lengthy.  I thoroughly enjoyed Psalm 1-3, Prov. 1:1-6, and James.

Here is the Bible Reading Schedule for Week 2.

I’m excited about this new schedule, as it provides a much needed change.  I did start on Monday, which leaves Sunday at the end of the week, if any catching up is needed.  You can do it any way you like, and over as much time as you need.



PROVERBS  1:7-19   six days/week

PSALMS 4-6     six days/week, two days per Psalm

JAMES             whole book six days/week for 3 weeks


  • Day One:      DEUT. 1-17
  • Day Two:     DEUT. 18-34
  • Day Three:  JOSH. 1-24
  • Day Four:    JUD. 1-21
  • Day Five:     RUTH 1-4
  • Day Six:        1 SAM. 1-16
  • Day Seven:  1 SAM. 17-31


      Monday:     PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 4, JAMES, DEUT. 1-17
      Tuesday:      PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 4, JAMES, DEUT. 18-34
Wednesday:     PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 5, JAMES, JOSH. 1-24
    Thursday:     PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 5, JAMES, JUD. 1-21
          Friday:      PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 6, JAMES, RUTH 1-4
    Saturday:      PROV. 1:7-19, PS. 6, 1 SAM. 1-16
       Sunday:      1 SAM. 17-31
Here’s the pdf printable for this week.   JAN Week 2
DSCN6133 2
These are pdf files, which you are welcome to print.  Nothing fancy, just the schedules.

Overview of  January schedule.        JAN PRINT SCHEDULE

Week One, short list (2 pages).   JAN Week 1 short list

Week One, long list (17 pages).    JAN Week 1

Week Two, short list.   JAN Week 2

Old Testament Chronological Narrative books.      2014 OT PRINT ChronNarr Schedule

Letters for the entire year, overview schedule, no dates.    JAM 2014 LETTERS Schedule

Letters by month and week, for the year (3 months per page).  2014 PRINT LETTERS

Psalms schedule for Book 1.   2014 PRINT PSALMS BOOK I

Proverbs schedule for January only.    JAN2014 PRINT PROVERBS

Whatever you choose to do, dear friend, do plan to spend some time in God’s Word daily.

Circumstances may interrupt our plans, but God knows the heart.


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