Never Too Old to Learn {twitter tutorial #1}

Are you part of the over 55 generation?   Is learning to use technology a challenge for you?  Is that challenge compounded by the world of social media?

For the over 55 crowd, learning to use technology is a challenge. When conquered, this challenge is compounded by the ever-present world of social media.  Today’s post, Never Too Old to Learn, is a Twitter tutorial composed of things I am learning as I participate in the Twitter world.  Perhaps you have things to share as well, questions as well as answers.

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Fifteen years ago I said I would never use a computer! Then I went to work in a college library.  I was the person who received the new books, entered them into the digital  catalogue, typed and affixed the labels on the new books, and shelved them (with the help of student workers).

Part of my job was converting older books in the collection to the Library of Congress system from the traditional Dewey Decimal system.  This involved copy cataloguing, or looking for older editions in other library catalogues or the Library of Congress.  This (computer work) was the most fun part of the job!

When I took the job the library was just converting it employees’ computers to PCs, so nobody knew how to use one, including me.  Our boss told us to play solitaire online in order to get used to using the mouse (fun).  It wasn’t as difficult as using the old computer, which I never did understand.  Compare to the old one, the new one was a breeze.

All that to say, I am thankful to be a computer user today, although my original objections, which concern the invasion of our personal privacy, remain intact.  Most of my fear of learning how to do things was taken away when I started using my current laptop, a MacBook Pro.  But I digress…let’s get back to social media…

Some of you are overwhelmed by the idea of blogging in the first place, and the term social media makes your ears close up and your eyes divert to something more comfortable.  I’m here to say, Take heart, my friend!  It is possible to learn new things in order to participate in the modern world of communication!

Have you joined Twitter yet?  Maybe you tried it and found it not to your liking.  Please feel free to share your experiences in the world of Twitter, or any other social media platform.

I first joined Twitter when I left Facebook (that’s a story for another day), mostly out of curiosity.  I don’t use my real name (that is allowed). And I don’t follow many people I know in real life. Nor do many people I know in real life follow me.  That sounds odd to begin with.  I know.  Let me explain.

First I followed an author whom I like, whom I was friends with on Facebook.  She uses Twitter occasionally and this allows me to know her most important news.  Then there are the bloggers I follow.  Most of them don’t use Twitter, but occasionally one does.  If they do, I follow them.

There are aspiring writers, published authors, those with like interests, those who live in New Hampsire, those in the writing or publishing business, so-called social media experts, the Red Sox, and so forth.  Whatever you are interested in, you will find people of like interests on Twitter.   

Until recently, I hadn’t known how to find people with like interests.  We’ll save that for another post.  First we will talk about what to do with our followers, how to keep track of things, how to be organized from the get-go.  

We will also talk about how to get started in Twitter, as well as why Twitter is an important social media platform.

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