Going Home {2013 Road Trip}

This edition of my 2013 Road Trip, Going Home, picks up where we left off on the November 20, 2013 post.  And this post marks the actual beginning of the New Hampshire part of the trip, hence the title, Going Home.

Recently I wrote down how long I have lived in the eight states I have called home.  Most of my life was lived in the state of my birth, Massachusetts, twenty-one years.  Next are New Hampshire and Wisconsin (where I currently live) with twelve years each.  In another month I believe Wisconsin may win out.  Time to go home.

There are no words to describe New Hampshire.  I don’t know anyone who has been there and not enjoyed its beauty.  I know people who prefer Vermont to New Hampshire, either for vacation or for a place of residence.  They may be ‘twin’ states, but they are not identical.  I love Vermont too, but New Hampshire has a certain something special for me.

Therefore, your tour will be pictorial, with few words.  Sit back and enjoy!

This portion of the trip is between Troy, in the southwest, and West Lebanon, west border halfway up.  There are brief stops in Charlestown, Claremont, Sunapee, Newbury, Warner, and Newport along the way.  There may not be pictures in all of those spots, but that is where I drove.  Also, some of the pictures are taken in New Hampshire, but the view is of Vermont.  I grew up on the border, the best of both worlds!

For those of you who don’t know, the border is the Connecticut River, which runs 410 miles from the Canadian border in Quebec,  to Long Island Sound in the Atlantic, between Old Saybrook and Old Lyme, Connecticut.  Interestingly, there is no port at the mouth of the river.  (Source: Wikipedia)

These pictures were all taken the same day.  One camp, one beach, one mountain — drove, swam, hiked, drove, and drove some more.

To see larger pictures, click on one photo.  You will then be able to scroll through larger versions.  To read captions in a gallery, hover your cursor over the photo.

Camp Good News is still operated by Child Evangelism Fellowship, as it was in the 1960s.  The camp director, whom I have never met before, said his former pastor was Bill Rogers, the man whose house I had left that morning, who was also my former pastor (different churches).  Small world.

Will finish this up next time.  It really was a very long day!  Until next time…hope you’re enjoying the ride.


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