the New Old {It’s Not an Easy Road}

What a trip back in time…I was looking for a John W. Peterson cantata for Christmas, for that is what our choir sang when I was in high school.  I stumbled upon this album, It’s Not an Easy Road, full of songs written by John W. Peterson and sung by his three daughters, which I owned when a teenager.  It’s in wonderful condition (I no longer own my copy).

Note:  If you listen to this in the post, it will only play the one song, but if you click on YouTube and listen to it there, it is a playlist of nine songs, which keep playing around continuously.

For those of you who are under the ripe age of thirty, this album was a vinyl LP, a 33 (the speed at which it was played on the record player).  It was produced in 1971, and the price on the jacket is $1.98!

This was before the internet existed, and there being no Christian radio station nearby, LP records were our only way to hear Christian music (except what we performed ourselves).  Sounds a bit archaic, does it not?

I do have the Miracle Melodies series of (six) songbooks compiled by John W. Peterson.  They were my mother’s, who is also responsible for giving me the album.



Oh, how absolutely wonderful, when one is mature, to hear what one grew up with!  Thank You, Lord.  You knew exactly what I needed at this moment.  I know that others of you will understand my sentiment here, and that others of you will come to understand in the future.

Beside the sentiment, the music is well done and the message is a good one.  God is Eternal, He loves us, He sent His Son to pay for our sin on the Cross, that we may enjoy fellowship with God Himself, today and forever.  What is better than that?



2 thoughts on “the New Old {It’s Not an Easy Road}

  1. Deb says:

    Really enjoyed hearing this oldie goldie! I’ve been trying to remember who else had a recording of this….possibly Lester Roloff or either Gov Jimmy Davis. I know I owned a copy and enjoyed the song.


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