Let the {s}Print Begin! {2014 Bible Reading Schedule}

Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of 2013?!!!  I knew it was coming, yet I am not quite ready.  Too busy enjoying my grandson this week.  Learning how to play again.  Fun times!

2014 Bible Reading Schedule

Fun times

My plan is to begin the new 2014 Bible Reading Schedule on Dec. 30th, today.  The plan is to get a head start because it is a rather ambitious plan, and quite an adjustment from what I did last year.

It is after all just a plan.  It can be followed at any pace 🙂

I am most looking forward to perusing the Proverbs at a slow pace.  That was where this whole idea originated.  Here’s a brief rundown of the plan for this week, JANUARY, WEEK ONE (12/30/2013 – 1/5/2014):

  • Every Day – Chronological Narrative books – Genesis – Numbers
  • Week Days – Letters – James
  • Six Days – Psalms 1-3
  • Six Days – Proverbs 1:1-6

Here are links to the  six parts/posts for this 2014 Bible Reading Schedule, complete with downloadable printables.  This is a trial run.  Please don’t hesitate to comment on what works and what doesn’t work for you.

  • PART ONE {11.18.2013}      – Overview
  • PART TWO {11.25.2013}     – Chronological Narrative Books
  • PART THREE {12.2.2013}   – Proverbs
  • PART FOUR {12.9.2013}     – Psalms
  • PART FIVE {12.16.2013}     –  Letters
  • PART SIX  {12.23.2013}      –  JANUARY 2014 Bible Reading Schedule

Here are the pdf files for January:

I printed mine out today, put them in plastic sleeves and stuck them in my binder so I won’t misplace them amongst all the toys 🙂

Whatever plan you choose, I hope and pray that you do have one, and that your fellowship with our Father in His Word is sweet.  What a gift He has given us in the form of His written Word, the Bible!  I encourage you to consistently plan to spend time with Him there regularly.

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


14 thoughts on “Let the {s}Print Begin! {2014 Bible Reading Schedule}

  1. eswatniki says:

    Wow-that is ambitious! Blessings to you as you accomplish your goal. Our church does a different devotional together each year and this year it is Through the Bible in a year. Pastor is asking us to read the New Testament for sure and add the other parts if we can. I am hoping to do all of it. Happy New Year!


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