Burdens Are Lifted {At Calvary}

You might be interested, or amused,

in hearing how the hymn is chosen.

It’s rather random, superintended by our Sovereign God.

 Today I clicked on a Pinterest pin by Becky Stockman,

who often pins the kind of music I enjoy.

                              First was the Wissmann family, whom I have heard and greatly enjoy.

The second pin was  the Collingsworth family, with whom I am unfamiliar.

                       The first song was a performance, and I wasn’t so sure of the song.

I went to YouTube to see if there were more.

Only one.

A rehearsal video for an upcoming (then) album.

Guess what the song is?

My criteria in choosing music is simple.

It has to move me, to the core of my soul.

Otherwise it’s just “nice”.

 It has to focus on the message.

The music needs to be fairly pure, not distracting from the message.

Pure music, pure message.


{oh, and I really like good harmony too}


Here’s another of the same song, in a performance.

 Well.  I am overcome with soul moving.

Here’s what else I found.

 Unbelievable, but then God can do anything, can’t He?

I found an interview with the author of this hymn.

{The only Gospel songwriter I’ve ever heard in person was Al Smith.}

This, my friend, is a rare find.

I’m familiar with John M. Moore’s name.

I have an uncle by the same name.

Moore was my maiden name.

And I knew that he was still living.

But I never imagined such a gift as this.

I won’t give the story away.

None of it.

You have to watch the video.

It’s eleven minutes, so make sure you have time to hear it out.

It is excellent.

You could use it to give the Gospel to someone.

It is a sermon in itself.


Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Jesus is very near.

Have you had your burden of sin lifted, my Friend?

Have you been to Calvary?

Jesus is very near.


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